This LA Camp Will Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer Long

This LA Camp Will Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer Long

There are two words that can fill any child with glee: Summer break. School is out, alarm clocks are put to rest, and playtime is the only task on a day’s agenda.

For parents, though, this three-month recess from school can cause a surge of panic. How can I keep my child busy all day? What if they forgot what they learned this past year? What activities will enrich their mind?

Fortunately, all of these questions and more can be answered through summer camp. Not only will children be kept busy (and out of your hair!), but they’ll garner new skills, make friends and create long-lasting memories.

At Imaginology Kids in Los Angeles, California, kiddos as young as three through third grade can reap the benefits of camp. Children will be exposed to play that incorporates science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) to stimulate problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

We’ve broken down four reasons your soon-to-be-campers will love a summer spent with Imaginology Kids.

1. Each Week Features a New Theme

To keep every camper interested and engaged, Imaginology has a rotating roster of themes for every week of summer. Kids will enjoy hands-on activities with Summer Carnival, Under the Sea, Camp Doctors, Camp Story Theatre, Camp Restaurant, the Science Behind Bubbles, Let’s Go Camping and Planet Recycling Superheroes.

2. Children Can Take Their Exploration to the Next Level

Imaginology Kids allows campers the opportunity to freely experience and explore everything that encompasses the “earth, wind, water and light.” The facility features a large collection of natural and repurposed material alongside high-quality, unique educational equipment that’ll ignite their imagination and inspire STEAM-based learning.

3. There’s an Indoor Water Lab

Campers of all ages can experiment with water, ice and cold steam. Unlike most children’s museums offering water play, Imaginology’s Lab is set up for true experimentation with funnels, pipettes, bottles, jars, sponges, rope, wood, plants, twigs and more.

The lab also features faux animals that children can care for or they can test their potion-making skills. With drains in the lab floor, children can safely learn and play.

4. There’s Also a Space With Wind Tunnels

Located inside Imaginology’s Earth lab, the two wind tunnels are designed for experimenting with the power of wind and gravitational pull with the use of colorful scarves, ribbons and assorted materials.

The Earth lab also allows campers to create their own ramps out of plastic, wood and rubber, which they can put to the test for stability and speed by rolling items down their hand-made structures.

Enroll your children with Imaginology Kids this summer— it’s easy to sign up, by the week or by the day!

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