This Reader Introduced Her Toddler to Painted Rocks for an Inexpensive & Artsy Activity

This Reader Introduced Her Toddler to Painted Rocks for an Inexpensive & Artsy Activity

paint palette, painted rocks, and paintbrush

Spring is the perfect time of year to get the kids outside, where they can spend a little time enjoying all the beautiful weather and everything nature has to offer!

This week’s Happy Friday submission comes to us from Hip reader Varsha K., who combined a nature walk and some art for a fun afternoon with her daughter!

painted rocks

My toddler and I made these painted river rocks together over the weekend. She loves painting, so I thought this would be a nice creative outlet to keep her busy. We worked together to paint beautiful images and messages on the rocks, and this was a great learning activity for her!

painted rocks on bubble wrap

We chose smooth rocks on our walk so they would provide a good surface for painting. Then, we worked together to paint pretty designs and positive messages on each rock. When they were dry, we placed some inside our home with our decor, and others we put in the front yard so that everyone could read an uplifting message as they pass by our home.

rock painted with words

This inexpensive activity was a really fun way to pass some time together. The rocks were totally free. We found them while we were on a walk nearby. That was another fun activity that was totally free, by the way! The paint we had at home, and the brushes and palette we were able to purchase at Dollar Tree for only $1.25.

In the end, we wound up with a fun memory of our time together and some beautiful decor for our home and front yard. Even better, we spent almost no money at all on this activity!

Thank you for sharing this fun idea, Varsha! Your painted rocks turned out great, and I love that you and your daughter will remember your fun afternoon together every time you see them around your home. 💗


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