Tiger Goals

Tiger Goals

In the coloring club today I have added a tiger quick craft for your learners. They can add a stripe on their tiger friend each time a goal is met. Perfect for learning or behavior goals. They might be goals set for the whole class or individual student specific goals. 

Once colored or painted, display them and let students earn their stripes! 

This page was a request from Nicole, a teacher over on Instagram. Be sure to let me know if I can make something available for your students too!

tiger goal setting

The stripes can be short black crayon strokes around the edge of the head, tail, legs and body. 

A clear easy line is provided for your little learners to cut! 

tiger craft

Find this activity page free in the Coloring Club! If you'd like to see our full range of Quick Crafts, hop over to the website page!

tiger earns their stripes
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