Top Reasons Your Kid Should Play Dungeons & Dragons

Top Reasons Your Kid Should Play Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing game about storytelling with the play of swords and wizards. It is a game driven by imagination and allows players to picture activities and act along with them.

D&D allows players to take actions based on the choices they make. In short, the story will mold in the way you want  it to happen. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing game.

The Basics

The players will roll a dice and decide whether the nemesis in the game attacks them or project themselves onto something unimaginable. Anything can happen in the game, all dependent on the dice. The dice are probably what make more choices for the entire story. The best part of this entertaining game is that it opens up a wide range of ideas for D&D gifts. D&D dice sets, dice bags, customized D&D sweatshirts, and miniature figures are all excellent present ideas for D&D fans.

Each player in the Dungeons & Dragons game creates an adventurer and forms alliances with other adventurers or characters. They work as a team and explore things together. The adventurers can solve puzzles, interact with other characters, fight incredible creatures, and discover fantastic magic artifacts and treasures.

D&D isn’t just a fun family game; it also encourages creativity, teamwork, and discovery. Here are some of the reasons you should let your kids play Dungeons & Dragons.

Using Imagination

This is the big one! The world of D&D is played through storytelling. The players, as well as the Dungeon Master (lead storyteller that runs the game), everyone gets to tell part of the story. They each have to use  their imaginations to explain the details of what their character is doing. Kids with wild imaginations have a place to express it, and those with limited imaginations can be inspired by all the cool stuff going on and want to participate in it.

D&D is all about the power of imagination. A play of storytelling where the players, as well as the Dungeon Master (the game’s principal storyteller), all get to tell a portion of the story. Each of the participants individually use their imaginations to convey the specifics of what their character is doing. It’s almost like exploring a place without the hassle of backpacking.

This imagination can also help to make heavy topics like gore and violence lighter, like, if an enemy needs to be taken out, your kids will do whatever they want until the enemy gets tired and then simply hit their head to end them. That way, the kid will not be exposed to the world of violence and can play the game with ease.

Teamwork and Social Skills

D&D is communicating with others and playing with friends. Everyone has a role to perform and must participate in order to thrive. The Barbarian in the party will lead the charge, while the Sorcerer uses her magic to confuse the creatures and the Cleric will remain back and aid to heal everyone.

To succeed, the players must communicate and figure out what they need to do. It is a thrilling moment when a large monster is defeated and everyone knows they played a role.

Through this gameplay, kids can learn to communicate better with people as well as learn essential life skills that can help them mold as a better person. They will learn to use teamwork skills in their actual world without even realizing it.

The Rules and the Decisions

Life is a bunch of rules that create your story. Everything in this world has rules. From having to eat, or to get a job. Even the simplest aspects in life have rules. When we are young we have to find the answer of why things are as they are,  but as we grow into adulthood, we can challenge the system and mold it in our way.

Similarly, your kids will have a long way to go before making their own decisions and set of rules. How about letting them take the bait from the game?

This game allows them to make the rules and stimulate their decision-making skills. They will get the chance to control a certain part of the game, and to work for it, but only after they’ve struggled to achieve success. They will be proud of successfully confronting authority and winning in a positive way.

The DM is the master of the rules, and they can make any rule, make changes they want to suit the situation. Challenging authority is a talent that can be developed in children through this play so that when they grow up, they will be polite and productive. D&D can aid in the development of such skills.

D&D Being TT RPG: The Goods

TT RPGs are excellent games for kids as it allows you to see the real world in a virtual space. TT RPGs are social; they encourage imagination, collaboration, and exploration rather than competition. D&D is a story-telling game in which there is no genuine winner or loser.

This game involves playing in groups which is completely immersive and engaging. Even if you play virtually, you are still a part of the game. It’s important to remember that the people behind the characters they control in-game are real people. Even if a member of your party makes a poor decision, they remain a part of the adventure.

You don’t yell insults like some individuals playing a video game online anonymously, behind the mask of a screen name, aiming to destroy someone or something.

You Got a Friend In Me!

This is a no-brainer! D&D is a multiplayer game where you will be playing with a bunch of random people. From this journey, your kid will end up making friends for life.

They meet new individuals and become friends who have a common interest in something that is not normally spoken in the real world. There is no other board game that compares to the amount of enjoyment you can have when playing Dungeons and Dragons.


And there you go, all the top reasons for which D&D is an amazing game for your kid. From learning new skills, to exploring new fields, this game has everything. No wonder it’s a popular choice and an amazing game for party hosting. Tell us what are your reasons for playing this game in the comments. Thank you for reading and happy gaming!

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