Your May Horoscope Is Here: What’s in Store for You This Month, Based on Your Sign

Your May Horoscope Is Here: What’s in Store for You This Month, Based on Your Sign

May is here, and spring has finally sprung (which we hope means our winter coats are behind us). To start off a fresh new month and season, your May horoscope is here to let you know what to expect.

There are two major events occurring in May—a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and Jupiter enters Aries. Jupiter stays in the same sign for about a year, so you’ll feel a big shift when it moves into a new sign. Jupiter will be in Aries until October, when it moves back into Pisces, so you’ll have more opportunities in and feel more optimistic about a new aspect of your life until the fall. The 2022 eclipses are in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, and they’re a big deal because eclipses can bring a lot of change. Mercury retrograde also starts in May, so be ready for some confusion and for life to slow down a little. Then the month ends during Gemini season and with a new moon in Gemini. To find out what all this means for you, check out the May horoscope for your zodiac sign below.


The Month at a Glance

May 2: Venus enters Aries at the beginning of May. You may want to be more direct and assertive about relationship issues, and you could feel like making the first move on someone you like.

May 10: There are two big events on May 10th—Jupiter enters Aries, and Mercury retrograde in Gemini begins. Jupiter moving into Aries will bring opportunities to a new area of your life. During Mercury retrograde, you should be on the lookout for miscommunications and technology and travel problems. You might feel slower or stuck in a certain area of life.

May 15: The lunar eclipse in Scorpio follows the solar eclipse in Taurus that we experienced in April. You may be completing anything you started around the solar eclipse.

May 20: Gemini season begins on May 20th. This is a lighthearted energy, and you might be feeling more social or curious about learning new things.

May 22: Mercury moves back into Taurus after it entered retrograde on the 10th. You may feel more focused and take the time to think before you speak.

May 24: Mars enters Aries on May 24th, which could have you feeling impatient or more impulsive. You also might be extra motivated and determined to get things done.

May 28: Venus enters Taurus on the 28th. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, so it’s basically at home in this sign. You may have luck with money and dating during this transit.

May 29: There’s a new moon in Gemini at the end of the month. This is the perfect time to set intentions for the upcoming month.


You’ll have a lot going on with money during Taurus season. You might be spending a lot (especially by shopping or eating out) or working on a business of your own for some added income. Around the 10th, you’ll be feeling extra lucky, optimistic, and confident, and you’ll feel this way until the end of October, so definitely take advantage of it. Around the 15th, you could get a raise or end up receiving money from investments. You might also be having convos that make you feel closer to your SO or good friends or spending lots of time with them. Your ruler Mars moves into your sign on the 24th, making you more action-oriented and better able to focus. You might feel like you’re able to stand up for yourself more and be more direct when talking to people.



May starts off during Taurus season, so it’s your time to shine. You’ll be more focused on yourself during this time and making self-improvements, like refreshing your wardrobe. Around the 10th, you’ll be feeling much lighter, mentally and emotionally, and might have an easier time de-stressing. You might be trying to get rid of bad habits, too. You’re more affected by the eclipses this year than most people because they’re happening in your sign and the opposite sign (Scorpio). With the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, you could have an ending in a close relationship, whether you break up with your significant other or have a falling out with a friend. You could also be finalizing anything you started around the solar eclipse, like making it official with someone you’re dating.



Taurus season will be about rest for you. You’ll want to relax after your social Aries season.
Since Mercury’s your ruling planet, you’re always more affected by retrogrades than most, but this one’s also starting in your sign, so it’s basically a double whammy. You may be unmotivated, questioning yourself about things, or have a lot of miscommunications. Starting on the 10th, you may find it easy to make new friends, or you might think about joining some kind of community, like a club. Around the 15th, you’ll be trying to get into better habits, whether it’s working out more or getting caught up on work to-dos. The month ends in Gemini season and with a new moon in Gemini, so it’ll be all about you. You’ll be getting lots of attention, and you might be wanting to switch things up with your clothes or hair.



You’ll be super popular during Taurus season. You may have plans with friends every night or get invited to a ton of events. Starting on the 10th, you’ll have more luck and opportunities related to your career. You could finally get promoted or get a job offer from your dream job. Around the 15th, you might be thinking about how things are going with someone you’re dating and finishing up creative projects you’ve been working on. If you’re in a relationship, you might be thinking about having kids. When Gemini season starts, you might feel less like going out and more like just chilling and decompressing. You might have fewer social plans than you did during busy Taurus season, or you might just ditch plans to stay at home. On the 29th, you might be focused on ways to de-stress, or you could even decide to start going to therapy.



You’ll be all about work during Taurus season. You might have new projects to take on, or you could just get slammed with a ton to do at your job. But don’t worry—Gemini season will be much more social, so starting around the 20th you’ll have a lot more fun and less work to worry about. You may be booked up every weekend of the season. You could have opportunities for travel come up starting around the 10th, so get your passport ready. You might get invited on an international vacation or have a work trip come up. You might also decide to sign up for a class or get some books on a subject you’ve been interested in. Around the 15th, you could be moving or closing a lease on a home. You might also be rearranging your furniture or cleaning out your closet. Around the 29th, you might be thinking about joining a book club, or you could meet some new friends.



You might be traveling or planning some trips at the beginning of the month—just try to get them out of the way before Mercury retrograde or plan for after so you don’t run into travel delays. You’ll be especially affected by Mercury retrograde since Mercury’s your ruler. You may have less to do at work, or you could feel stuck on certain projects. Be sure to back up anything on your computer if needed or save it (like five times) while you’re working. If you’re looking for a new job, you might not hear back until after the retrograde’s over, so be patient. Around the 15th, you may be finishing up writing projects or a book or class you started in April. Gemini season will be focused on work for you, but with Mercury still retrograde in Gemini, you could have slower progress on things at your job than you normally would.



During Taurus season, you’ll be dealing with money matters—you could get a raise, or you might start a budget for yourself. Around the 15th, in particular, you may end up receiving money, or you could see success from a side hustle you’ve been working on. You may also be thinking about changing some aspect of your life. Now could be the time you’ll have a meet-cute with a random stranger. Starting around the 10th, you’ll have luck with relationships, and this will last until the fall. You might get into a new relationship or get asked out on tons of dates. Or if you’re in a relationship, you may find that it goes much more smoothly during this time. At the end of the month during Gemini season, your focus will be on learning new things.



You’ll have a lot going on with your relationships during Taurus season. You could be dating more or spending tons of time with your significant other. The eclipse in Scorpio will be extra special for you since it’s happening in your sign. You may be taking on new interests or completely changing your style, or you might be thinking about how you can work on yourself. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a whole new person once these Taurus and Scorpio eclipses are over. Around the 10th, you might want to knock out your whole to-do list or start organizing all the junk you have around your house. You’ll also be ready to take action to get healthier. You could be starting an exercise schedule or planning to not eat out as much. You could have money issues come up for you during Gemini season. You also might be getting closer to someone you’re dating (especially after spending lots of time with them during Taurus season).



Healthy habits will be your focus during Taurus season—eating more fruits and veggies, going to the gym, and getting all your chores done. From the 10th all the way through the fall, you’ll be a magnet for dating. You could get asked on tons of dates, or you and your SO might feel like you’re in your honeymoon phase again. You might even be thinking about having kids, or you could get pregnant. This is also a great time for anything creative you’ve been wanting to do, so if you do any kind of creative work, like art or writing, you might have an easy time coming up with ideas. Around the 15th, you might feel like spending more time alone to rest and recharge. You could be starting a new relationship with someone you met in March or April (during Aries season) at the end of the month.



You’ll be starting off the month more focused on having fun—from starting hobbies to dating. When Gemini season comes around, though, you’ll be ready to get down to business. You may be working through your to-do list, cleaning up your house, or trying to eat healthier. Starting around the 10th, you might find that you have fewer disagreements with family members. It’s a perfect time to redecorate or look for your dream home if you’re planning to move. You could have some issues with friends around the middle of the month. You might have an argument with a friend or decide you’ve outgrown people in your friend group. Start making health goals for yourself around the end of the month. It’s a great time to figure out what you want to do (or not do) to be healthier.



You’ll be feeling like just chilling and not doing a ton of socializing at the beginning of the month. When Gemini season starts, though, you’ll be feeling much more like getting out and doing fun things, like starting a new hobby. Around the 10th, you’ll have more opportunities for travel, so start getting your suitcases ready. You also might find it easier to assert yourself and tell people what you want directly without beating around the bush. Around the 15th, you might get news about a job that you applied for, or you could be starting a new job position. You might also be finishing up big projects you’ve been focusing on at your job.



Taurus season will be all about communication and travel for you (start planning that vacation!). You might start a new book or have a lot of writing to do for work. Around the 10th, you may be thinking about starting your own business or learning new skills for your job. If you’ve been in school or taking classes, that will likely be finishing up this month. And if you haven’t, you may find yourself taking interest in a new subject. During Gemini season you’ll feel a bit more introverted. You might spend more time at home or with family. And if you do find yourself staying home a bit more, redecorating might be on your mind. Around the 29th, you might be moving or looking for a new place to live.



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