I’m sure by now, everyone has spotted blackberries growing wild in the hedgerows, they’re one of the first signs of autumn and a flavour I look forward to every year.

So I thought I’d re-share one of my favourite ways to use them up…

I came across this blackberry infused gin recipe a few years ago when trying to figure out what I was going to do with all the blackberries I had been picking when out walking with the girls and had to put a bottle down to try and It’s now a firm favourite.

I’m going to make some to use for Christmas gifts (and a few bottles for myself)

It couldn’t be easier so why not have a go yourself and let me know how it turns out!

I like to use the blackberry gin to make one of my favourite tipples the bramble and can’t wait to try this batch in a blackberry gin sour, but you could served it topped up with prosecco, tonic or sparkling water.
What you need


Glass jar

Sugar (I use 100g for about 500ml gin and its not a sickly sweet gin. You can add more or less according to your own preference)

Picking the juiciest blackberries I layer them with 100g sugar in a clean glass jar (i use a pasatta jar as it is tall and the neck wide enough to get the blackberries in easily) and give it a good shake and then leave it overnight to allow the juices to be drawn out of the blackberries and topped up with the gin the next day.

I used a supermarket own brand gin, as I don’t like to waste the good stuff, but any gin would do if you have a surplus bottle in your drinks cabinet, or vodka or whiskey if that’s your tipple of choice. Then all you have to do is put it in a dark cupboard for a month, shaking every few days, strain through a cheesecloth into a sterile bottle and voila.



It’s best to let it sit for another few months before drinking but if your anything like me you’ll want to get stuck in straight away so make more than you think you’ll want…

It’s got a habit of evaporating in the bottle 😉

Laura x

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