23 Amazing DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars

23 Amazing DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars

23 Amazing DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars |https://diyprojects.com/23-amazing-diy-uses-of-baby-food-jars/

Amazing Baby Food Jar Crafts

Looking for creative and amazing uses of baby food jars? If you’re looking for some repurposing ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll give you lots of ideas on how you can upcycle and repurpose them.

 Repurposing Ideas

Are you getting tired of mason jars? I’m not, but my friend recently visited me with some empty baby food jars and wanted to brainstorm what craft projects we could make. So the search was on. She’s also a crafter like me and just didn’t have the heart to throw those cute and adorable baby food jars. So if you also have a baby and have tons of empty baby food jars just lying around, repurpose! Here’s an amazing list of baby jar food crafts and ideas you can try:

1. Princess Party Favors


So your baby girl just turned one and left you with tons of empty food jars, the solution, turn them into adorable party favors. If you have a boy, think of a different theme and paint it blue. Check it out here.


2. Anthropologie Inspired Spice Jars


Who doesn’t love Anthropologie? If you’ve been coveting those adorable spice jars, make one. Get the steps here.


3. Crayon Covered Gift Jars


Here’s something super easy you can make in minutes. Aren’t they just adorable? Get the instructions here.


4. Minion Favor Jar


Make it a party favor or a cute little storage. Check the tutorial here.


5. Wood Vase and Candle Holder


Want a versatile craft project to make with empty baby food jars? Here’s something amazing you can whip up in a weekend. Get the steps here.


6. Luminary Advent Calendar


I’m sure you’ve also been seeing those adorable advent calendars around Pinterest, make your own with baby food jars. Get the instructions here.


7. Dyed Glass Luminaries


Need a little lighting project for your backyard? Dye some empty baby food jars with food coloring and see how amazing it looks. Get the tutorial here.


8. DIY Apple Jar Tutorial


Forget the apple, here’s an apple you can give to your teacher that won’t run out. Get the instructions here.


9. Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases


Ready to dip some jars into paint? It’s so easy and will turn out really pretty. See it here.


10. Baby Food Jar Candles


Have you ever tried making DIY candles in baby food jars? See how you can make it here.


11. Magnetized Spice Jars


Do a little DIY organization by magnetizing and repurposing empty baby food jars into spice jars. Get the tutorial here.


12. Spiderman Cake in a Jar


Baby food jars aren’t just for babies. It’s a great way to dress up your delicious cake in a jar. Check it out here.


13. Picture Magnets


Need a DIY decor for your home? Showcase your amazing pictures using baby food jar lids! Get the steps here.


14. S’mores in a Jar


Think cake in a jar is good? Wait till you try s’mores, I’m sure you’ll want more. Get the recipe here.


15. Baby Food Jar Snow Globes


If you want cute and mini snow globes, baby food jars are the answer. Get the steps here.


16. Baby Food Storage Plaque


Add a little woodwork in your baby food jar craft and start to get organized! Get the tutorial here.


17. DIY Succulent Favors

Check out 23 Amazing DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars at https://diyprojects.com/23-amazing-diy-uses-of-baby-food-jars/

Want an eco-friendly favor or a cute home decor? Try making these adorable succulents. Check the instructions here.


18. Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion


Make a small pin cushion for your baby food jar lid and store your buttons or needles in it. A great way to organize your sewing supplies. Get the steps here.


19. Nail Polish Remover


Here’s a life hack you can use anytime. You’ll just need some sponge, empty baby food jar and nail polish remover. See it here.


20. DIY Lemon Sugar Body Scrub


Give out some love in a baby food jar with your very own DIY body scrub. Make it with this recipe.


21. Baby Food Jar Chandelier


Add an amazing rustic lighting with this DIY chandelier. Get the tutorial here.


22. Photo Jars


Can’t find a picture frame? No problem. Turn empty baby food jars into a DIY picture frame. Check it out here.


23. DIY Tablescape

Check out 23 Amazing DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars at https://diyprojects.com/23-amazing-diy-uses-of-baby-food-jars/

Need an amazing centerpiece for your dinner? Make a couple of these adorable votive jars with some glitter. Get the instructions here.

Did you enjoy our list of baby food jar crafts? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these crafts with baby food jars.

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