I don’t like to spend a lot of time cleaning and always search for clever life hacks that save me a lot of time. I prefer to spend time reading books and having fun with friends instead of a whole day cleaning. This video is full of incredible cleaning ideas that will ease your life. Watch this video and enjoy a new collection of tips that will help to solve a different small problems.
You will find how to easily clean vases and tall glasses using a kitchen sponge. All you need is to make several cuts on a sponge and chopsticks. Watch a crazy idea on how to clean the toilet using coke. Burnt pan could be a great problem! Clean it with vinegar and hot water. One more way to clean it is to use salt. Toothpaste can not only clean your teeth, but it can also clean various surfaces and have unexpected ways to use. You will find a cool lifehack on how to clean the mirror using toothpaste and detergent.
If your mosquito net is too dirty, we know how to quickly solve this problem. Mix dishwashing liquid and baking soda and use it to clean your window mosquito nets. This trick is really surprising! You can clean a stove using shaving foam. You can clean the floor using sanitary pads. Yes, it sounds crazy but sanitary pads are perfect to absorb liquid. You can easily clean your kettle using lemon peel. Simply boil several peels it in a kettle.
If you don’t like to use cleaning supplies with chemicals, we share a cool lifehack on how to clean a microwave. All you need is tangerine peel. Watch the tutorial! The reason why it’s a good idea to use tangerine peel is that it contains a lot of essential oils that perfectly clean the dirt.

00:09 Kitchen sponge lifehacks
01:23 How to clean a stove filter
03:12 Quick way to clean a mirror
04:39 How clean a vase
07:24 How to clean a microwave

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