5 mistakes you might be making when trying to conceal a pimple

5 mistakes you might be making when trying to conceal a pimple


Acne is part of life, with most people experiencing it to varying degrees. And while there are plenty of over-the-counter and prescription medications and skincare products that can help, this doesnt mean that the odd rogue pimple doesnt pop up occasionally, especially when you want to look your best. Concealing them using makeup is one way to hide them, but this can sometimes make them more obvious or even cause them to spread or become infected. Heres what you might be doing wrong, and what to do instead.

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1. Using dirty tools

There are very few people who are fastidious about keeping their makeup tools clean, which poses a problem when it comes to covering pimples. Using a dirty, germ-laden makeup brush or sponge when concealing a zit can be counterproductive, as it can lead to infection. The solution? Clean your tools every two weeks to keep them sanitary.

2. Using the wrong tools

Not using the correct tools when you are trying to conceal a pimple is almost as bad or at least as counterintuitive as using dirty ones. So what should you be using? Makeup artists claim that using a buffing brush, or one that has dense bristles, and applying your concealer in a circular motion without applying too much pressure is the most effective method.


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3. Not moisturing your skin

Many people think that acne is directly linked to too much oil on the face and then forego using moisturiser until it clears up. Applying concealer onto unmoisturised skin can result in a cakey, flaky finish, and you are also not putting a protective cream barrier between your pimple and your makeup. Applying an extra blob of moisturiser to your zit before applying makeup can smoothen out the area and speed up the healing process.

4. Not colour correcting

Sure, you can simply use your existing foundation and concealer shades to try to cover a pimple. But a great step to add that will really help to diminish the appearance of your, ahem, eruption is to use a colour corrector. The best one to use for acne is a green one, as this neutralises any redness. After applying a thin layer and blending, allow it to set before moving on to your regular foundation and concealer application.

5. Applying too much makeup

In the effort to try to conceal a pimple, many people will apply layer after layer of cosmetics to try to get it to blend into the skin and disappear. Unfortunately, this doesnt work. Too much product, especially powders, can make the area look even more cakey and crusty, and piling on the makeup can also prevent the zit from being able to heal. Keep the area hydrated and keep products to a minimum until the area is on the mend.

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