5 Simple Ways To Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

5 Simple Ways To Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

If you have silver jewelry at home, you need to take appropriate measures to clean them. Then you will be able to retain their good looks along with time. In fact, cleaning is the best method available for you to make sure that you keep all your silver jewelry includingSterling silver Amber Ringsin their finest conditions at all times.

Numerous methods are available for you to go ahead with cleaning your sterling silver jewelry. We thought of sharing a couple of methods along with you. You can go through those methods and start cleaning yourSterling Silver Earringsand other jewelry regularly.

Use baking soda

Baking soda can be used to get a variety of cleaning work done around your home. It is even possible for you to seek the assistance of baking soda to clean jewelry at the comfort of home. You need to get a tub of boiling water and add baking soda into it. After that, you can carefully place all the sterling silver jewelry that you have in it. Then you should layer it with an aluminum foil. You should remove the foil after a couple of minutes.

After removing the aluminum foil, you must take out your sterling silver jewelry and wash them under cool water. Along with that, you should pat the silver jewelry with a soft cloth to make them dry. The process you follow would trigger a chemical reaction. As a result, you will be able to remove tarnish from your silver jewelry within a couple of minutes. Hence, you can go ahead with it without thinking twice.

Even if you have discolored and dark silver jewelry, you are encouraged to go forward with this method. It can deliver amazing results to you and get back the good looks of jewelry at the comfort of home. In other words, this can be considered as one of the simplest methods available for you to make your jewelry look original. This is truly amazing.

Use lemon and salt

It is also possible for you to use lemon and salt to clean silver jewelry at home. Since you can easily find lemon and salt at your home, you can go forward with this method without having to worry about anything. To begin with, you should take a lemon and squeeze it into a bowl. Then you should add three tablespoons of salt. Followed by that, you need to add hot water as well. Then you can keep your tarnished bracelet and keep it there for a duration of around five minutes. Now you can take out jewelry and rub that along with a soft cloth.

You will be impressed with the result that you can get out of this method. At first, you will notice how difficult it is to remove tarnish with a regular cloth. Your fingers will hurt after rubbing. However, lemon and salt will provide an excellent assistance to you with getting the job done with ease. You will love to see how you can remove tarnish with ease. This can deliver perfect results to you at all times.

Use toothpaste

People can also think about using toothpaste to clean silver jewelry at home. To begin with this method, you should take a pea sized amount of toothpaste. Then you should place that on a dish and rub into your silver jewelry. You can get the assistance of a dish washing sponge to end up with positive results. After getting the job done, you can simply rinse it in warm water.

Toothpaste can remove some of the tarnish. If you can put some effort in rubbing, you will be able to receive perfect results with removing tarnish. To get a perfect job done, you can think about getting the assistance of a toothbrush. Thats because the toothbrush can deliver extra friction, which would effectively remove tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry. You should be mindful when you are using the toothbrush as extra friction can cause scratches. You should never allow that to happen.

Coca Cola

If you have Coca Cola at home, you will be able to get the help of it to remove tarnish from the sterling silver jewelry that you have. You have to pour some Coca Cola into a large bowl to get the job done. After filling the bowl with Coca Cola, you should soak your jewelry for around 10 minutes and then take them out. Along with that, you can remove and rub your jewelry with the help of a cloth.

Coca Cola can trigger a chemical reaction and remove tarnish present in your sterling silver jewelry. Therefore, any person can think about using it as an effective method to get silver jewelry cleaned. This is a quick and a straightforward method. It cant create a negative impact on your silver jewelry as well.


Similar to Coca Cola, you can even use beer to remove stains from your silver jewelry. You will have to pour a cup of beer into a bowl and then soak the jewelry in it for a duration of around 5 to 10 minutes. Then you can remove and rub along with a clean cloth.

This method can deliver results that are equivalent to almost perfect. If you are having light tarnish on jewelry, this can be considered as a great DIY method to move forward with.

Final words

Now you are aware of five of the simplest methods available to clean silver jewelry at your home. You can go through any of these methods and receive excellent results. You will be able to get the job done on your own, without even seeking the assistance of anyone else as well.

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