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A Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks

A Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks

A Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Corner, countertop, pedestal and semi-pedestal theres all sorts of different types of bathroom sinks on the market. If youre hoping to upgrade your bathroom sink, but arent exactly sure where to begin, this Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks will help to point you in the right direction.

What to consider when selecting a new Bathroom Sink

No matter if you require a new sink for a new bathroom, or want to enhance your existing space with a fresh bathroom sink, youll have to accurately measure the space. Be sure to double check your measurements too for peace of mind.

Prior to picking a new sink, you need to carefully consider how it will be used after installation. If you are buying a sink for a miniscule en-suite, its likely it will be used only for washing your hands. If so, you can opt for a small sink with limited depth. In order to maximize space in smaller bathroom areas too, you might be well served considering bathroom vanities with incorporated sinks. Something like the Langley 16 Gray Wall-Mount Bathroom Vanity is perfect for providing vital extra storage space with an in-built sink to boot.

Alternatively, if you are looking to populate a large bathroom space, you are open to a more extensive choice of sizes and designs. Larger, deeper bathroom sinks will lend themselves to the hand washing of clothing or for hair to be washed. With such a wide array of options at your disposal, youll have little issue sourcing a bathroom sink of ideal size and style to suit your bathroom.

Different style sinks are designed to be installed in certain manners. For instance, countertop mounted or wall mounted. The former designs cannot be fitted to the wall, so make sure your chosen sink can be installed in the way you require before purchase. And dont forget to work out which sort of sink drain youll need as well.

Plus, theres the faucets. For many people, the design of their chosen bathroom sink faucets will be just as important as the sink itself. Youll have to go for a faucet that meshes well with the sink style and bathroom decor. Furthermore, the faucet must be suitable to be fit to your sink. Some bathroom sinks only have a single hole, for instance, so a basic single-hole faucet would be required. That doesnt mean youre confined to a dull design choice though, as the likes of the Quest Brushed Nickel Single-Hole Bathroom Faucet proves. Certain bathroom sinks dont feature tap holes meanwhile. In which case, youll have to go for a wall mounted faucet. Our Ultimate Guide to Faucets and Buyers Guide to Bathroom Faucets are useful resources in helping you identify your ideal bathroom sink faucets.

quest widespread wall mount faucet

double console vanity oak

Bathroom Sink Key Terms & Phrases

A good quality bathroom sink is an integral fixture in a bathroom. But theres no doubting that a lot of the associated terminology can take some working out. So, for your convenience, weve compiled a list of key terms and phrases related to bathroom sinks below

Sink Drain

A drain is an essential part of any sink. Manufactured from brass and usually incorporating chrome plating, the drain collects the water flowing out of the sink. There are different types of drain available including flip top, push button, and, most commonly, the plug and chain drain.

Overflow Hole

An overflow hole is a small hole drilled into the sink, which is positioned slightly beneath the faucet. The overflow will drain away excess water when too much flows into the basin, stopping it from overflowing onto the floor.

Slotted Drain

A slotted drain will be required if your sink has an overflow.

Unslotted Drain

An unslotted drain will be required if your sink doesnt have an overflow.

Bottle Trap

A bottle trap is a small amount of brass tubing, connecting the foot of the sink to the drainage system. Chrome bottle traps tend to feature in wall mounted bathroom sinks, where pipework would be visible.

Cloakroom Sink

Cloakroom sinks incorporate compact dimensions, making them an ideal solution for smaller bathroom spaces like cloakrooms or en-suites. They come supplied in both modern and traditional designs, with corner models available as well.

Inset Sink

Inset sinks are fitted into a worktop. They offer a space-maximizing solution, keeping the sink contained within the unit, often with a cupboard or drawers included beneath. This cleverly conceals the pipework from view as well, providing a neat and tidy finish.

Countertop Sink

Supplied in a variety of sizes and shapes, countertop sinks are designed for installation on a worktop. They are typically accompanied by wall mounted sink faucets or a high rise sink faucet.

Semi-recessed Sink

A semi-recessed sink would be fitted into a worktop but not entirely enclosed. This design displays the front of the sink. The pipework is concealed within the unit for a neat finish.

Full Pedestal Sink

Full pedestals will extend all the way to the floor, and the sink attaches to the pinnacle. The pipework is cleverly concealed behind the pedestal to guarantee a tidy finish.

Semi Pedestal Sink

Semi pedestal sinks are smaller than the full-length versions. Semi pedestal models are ideal options for a compact bathroom.

What type of Bathroom Sinks can you buy?

Bathroom sinks are available in a wide selection of styles and sizes, from modern to traditional and everything in between to suit any home. Sinks come supplied in one, two and three tap hole designs, allowing you to decide a preference between single-hole faucets and multiple-outlet models. Three tap hole sinks will typically be accompanied by mixer faucets with separate handles for water control. Theyll also feature a spout in the middle. Some sinks, such as countertop versions that lack tap holes, will be best served teamed with a wall mounted faucet or high rise mixer faucet.

Theres also the opportunity to invest in bathroom sinks with a full or semi pedestal. Full pedestal sinks are especially popular as they are easier to fit, support the sink well and cleverly mask unsightly pipework from view. Semi pedestals also conceal pipework, but enhance floor space, making them an ideal choice for a smaller bathroom. You can also consider corner and cloakroom sinks, furniture sinks and wall mounted sinks.

How is a Bathroom Sink manufactured?

Bathroom sinks are manufactured using a mixture of clay, fluxes and fillers along with water in a sizeable mixing vessel. From there, the raw clay mix takes the sink shape before drying. A specific colored or white glaze is then applied to the sink. The spray is physically and chemically fuzed to the clay in an extremely high temperature kiln. Bathroom sinks with a vitreous china finish incorporate a tough surface that will restrict scratching, staining and fading. This process enables sinks to be constructed in a vast array of shapes and sizes.

How to clean a Bathroom Sink

You should use warm soapy water to clean a bathroom sink. Water and baking soda can also be used just moisten the surface with warm water before sprinkling on the baking soda. Then, use a sponge or soft cloth to rub it in and form a paste. The baking soda will eliminate soap scum and stains without causing damage to the surface. Our 10-step guide on how to unlock a bathroom sink could also prove a useful resource to consult.

white sink copper fixtures

Full Pedestal Sinks

Full pedestal sinks are the most popular type on the market. Thats highly understandable considering they are very simple to install, and are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Both full and semi pedestal sinks are available.

A full pedestal stands on the floor, with the sink attached to the top and fixed securely to the wall behind. This type is ideal for concealing unsightly plumbing and pipework. Full pedestals can also support heavier, deeper sinks, which makes them a perfect choice for family bathrooms. Sinks with a pedestal are also the easiest kind to fit.

Semi pedestal sinks, meanwhile, are wall mounted. Instead of incorporating a full pedestal, they feature a smaller version that still masks pipework. Due to the pedestal failing to meet the floor, it creates the illusion of extra space, making a smaller bathroom appear bigger and easier to clean as well. When selecting this sort of sink, you need to be certain that the wall is adequately strong to support the sinks weight.

Why choose a Pedestal Sink?

  • Supplied in a variety of styles and sizes
  • Will match most bathroom designs
  • One of the least expensive types
  • Easy to fit

Helpful tips

  • A full pedestal needs to be carefully screwed to the floor using brass screws or silicone for secure sealing. These are not usually supplied with fixings.

pedestal sink round mirror

Wall Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted sinks represent a perfect option for compact bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites, and can be fitted at your preferred height. The wall mounted design enhances floor space to provide a neater appearance. Given that pipework is in full view with wall hung sinks, you might want to fit a chrome bottle top as opposed to a plastic one, for a clean finish. Wall mounted sinks are supplied in a range of sizes, incorporating both modern and traditional designs.

Why choose a Wall Mounted Sink?

  • Supplied in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Perfect for small bathrooms
  • Maximizes space
  • Makes bathroom cleaning easier

Helpful tips

  • Install a chrome bottle trap to provide a neat and tidy pipework finish.

Corner Sinks

When upgrading a small bathroom or cloakroom space, you might wish to select a corner sink. This type of sink helps you to maximize space that would likely be wasted otherwise. Similarly to wall mounted sinks, a chrome bottle trap can prove a useful addition to a corner bathroom sink to provide a neat and tidy finish to the pipework.

Why choose a Corner Sink?

  • Offers stylish aesthetics and a space saving design
  • Ideal for small en-suites or cloakrooms

Helpful tips

  • If you are planning to wall mount this type of sink, make sure that both walls are suitable for fixing to. Stud walls might require extra support.

Countertop Sinks

Countertop sinks are an excellent means to bring chic, modern designer style to any bathroom or en-suite. They come supplied in a variety of styles, encompassing simple round shapes through to more fanciful models certain to catch the eye. Designed for installation on a countertop, this type of sink can feature one, two or no tap holes.

Why choose a Countertop Sink?

  • Delivers designer style to a bathroom

Helpful tips

  • Furniture that isnt specially designed to fit a countertop sink will require alterations to suit the sink and accompanying pipework. It will need to be treated with varnish or a good quality water resistant.

countertop sink wall mount faucet

Semi-recessed Sinks

Semi-recessed sinks are a brilliant option to bring a sense of vintage style to a bathroom area. These sinks are designed to partially sit in a countertop with the front on display. Silicone sealant is used to fix the sink into place, with no pipework on show.

Why choose a Semi-recessed Sink?

  • Creates a modern fitted appearance
  • You have the advantage of extra storage room in the vanity cabinet or bathroom furniture

Helpful tips

  • When installing this type of sink, take particular care in cutting the worktop and fascia by following the accompanying template.

Vanity Unit Sinks

If youd like to incorporate storage into your bathroom, a vanity sink unit is the best choice. Bathroom vanities cleverly incorporate a sink and storage room within one compact unit to help you keep toiletries and other items neatly concealed. Vanity units are supplied in an array of styles and sizes, including wall mounted and floor standing models to suit any bathroom space.

How many Sink Faucets are required?

When youve chosen a size and style, you can decide how many sink faucets youd prefer. The amount of tap holes that are pre-drilled into the sink will dictate which type of faucets you can select from.

Most bathroom sinks incorporate a single hole. Thats due to most faucets being mixer faucet models. Mixer faucets blend together cold and hot water before it emerges from the spout, which makes it easier to handle. Mixer faucets are available in both contemporary and classic designs to upgrade the look of any bathroom area. For a more authentic, classic appearance, go for a sink with two holes, enabling you to install separate hot and cold faucets.

Some sinks, such as countertop designs, dont include any tap holes. As such, youll have to install a wall mounted faucet or high-rise version.

What Accessories are required for your Sink?

Once youve selected your bathroom sink, you can turn your attention to the all-important finishing touches.


Bathroom sink faucets come supplied in a huge variety of styles that will mesh well with any bathroom decor. In selecting new faucets, make sure that they match up with, and improve the look of, your chosen bathroom sink. If your sink is curved, look towards faucets with rounded lines. If the sink features an angular profile, go for a faucet with clean, geometric lines.


A drain is a key component within any sink. There are two main types of sink drains slotted and unslotted. If your sink features an overflow, you will require a slotted drain. An unslotted drain is necessary for sinks without an overflow. In terms of style, you can opt between a standard plug and chain drain, push button, flip-top or pop up designs.

Most modern sinks dont include a tap hole for a chain to be fitted to, so be sure to check your sink before selecting a plug and chain drain.

A pop-up drain incorporates a lever behind the faucet. Simply pull upwards to lower the drain plug, and push down to raise again.

With push-button drains, you just push the drain plug down to stop the water from draining away. Then, push down again to release.

A flip-top drain incorporates a metal disc that you flip by hand to prevent the water from draining

Shop Bathroom Sinks online from Hudson Reed USA

An excellent choice of premium quality bathroom sinks is available to buy online from Hudson Reed USA. If you still need some help and advice surrounding the best bathroom sink options for your home, please dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can contact us via our website, or give us a call on 1-877-778-8460. Happy bathroom sink shopping!

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