A Mask Line Specifically Created for Sensitive Skin

A Mask Line Specifically Created for Sensitive Skin

Masktini is a boutique mask line featuring 4 products that focus on hydration, glow, brightening, and restoring tired and dull looking skin. It was created for sensitive skin using natural ingredients that deliver results and a unique experience.

Their Twilight Zone Tahitian Detox Mask is a one-of-a-kind charcoal mask with a texture thats completely different from any Ive tried. Its translucent with a charcoal tint that lightens and becomes more lighter in color as you rub it in. It feels like a bouncy firm hydrating gel with a fresh scent thanks to its orange and grapefruit oils. Pearl Powder warms slightly so you can feel it working to clear out pores and loosen dead skin. It doesnt dry like a traditional mask so its easily wiped away. It does give my skin an immediate radiant glow without redness or irritation that clay masks are known to do.

For brightening concerns, Metal Head is your girl. Its a mask that uses an easy pump dispenser with a shimmery golden hue that infuses skin with vitamin c to zap dullness. It feels great on, like a big drink of water for your face. Its good for those times when youre looking as tired as you feel. It does leave behind some glints of gold (its meant to) so use it at night pre-shower if youre looking to wash it off completely, or just go with it for special occasions when a little sparkle is in order.

Night Ranger is an overnight mask, a new-ish category for skin treatment thats been catching fire recently. You sleep with it exclusively on your skin giving your usual routine a rest letting the lime pearl acids smooth, papaya enzymes calm inflammation, retinol rejuvenate, and hyaluronic acid hydrate. For someone like me with too many steps in my routine, this is a savior to simplify to just 1 thing before bed while knowing my skin is getting nourishment while I snooze.

Face mists are so underrated.Woke Baegives hydration in every spritz and can be used to set foundation, or before serums to allow them to better absorb. Think of your skin like a sponge, a damp one is better than a dry one to pick up liquid. Our skin is porous and can better absorb skincare when its damp. It contains apple and watermelon extracts along with hyaluronic acid for hydration as well as marine isomers to plump skin. I didnt love the scent on this one and one critique would be how much product came out, a more gentle and less targeted mist is what I generally prefer, but the products itself is a good one.

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