A Pro-Makeup-Artist Guide to the 10 Most Helpful Beauty Tools for Women 50+

A Pro-Makeup-Artist Guide to the 10 Most Helpful Beauty Tools for Women 50+

A Pro-Makeup-Artist Guide to the 10 Most Helpful Beauty Tools for Women 50

About a decade ago there was a fascinating series of programs on PBS that placed several modern-day families and individuals in a recreated, historically accurate environment. They lived, dressed, worked, ate, and survived as people would have in that particular era.

One series of programs took participants back in time to 1628, where they lived in Colonial House. Another series had modern-day participants living life as it would have been lived in 1880s’ Montana. The show became famous as Frontier House.

As you might imagine, both scenarios featured rustic living conditions, backbreaking labor, and demoralizing weather. And I remember thinking how utterly grateful I was that I didn’t have to churn butter, make soap by hand, and endure the rigid gender roles of the time.

How Different Our Lives Are Now

I couldn’t help thinking about what life had been like (especially) for the women in these time periods – and how lucky we are to have time and labor-saving products in addition to the leisure time to enjoy a fabulous array of self-care and beauty products that can bring a sense of fun and joy into our lives.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of what I believe are a few of the beauty tools and self-care products that are especially helpful for those of us who are 50+. And be sure to watch the video above for more details and helpful information on each of these products.

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Sonic Cleansing Brush

I did a test the other day using my normal face cleanser and washcloth to wash my face (after I’d been wearing makeup). Then I took a cotton pad with some micellar water on it and went over my skin. I couldn’t believe what still came off on the cotton pad!

Sonic cleansing brushes can get our skin six times cleaner than manual washing so those moisturizers and serums that we invest in can be even more effective.

Foundation Buffing Brush

This is the one makeup brush which is worth spending a little bit more money on since it can really help our foundation meld into our skin and look seamless. A buffing brush is a soft, dense brush which effectively “buffs” the foundation into our skin so it looks soft and natural.

Eye Shadow Blending Brushes

If we want our eyeshadow to look beautiful, we need to make sure there are no noticeable, hard edges, so blending – and more blending – is the key.

It’s important to have soft, flexible brushes that disperse the color easily and softly. It’s also helpful to have two blending brushes – one used to initially blend the eye shadow and another, product-free one, to blend out the edges even more softly.

Bent (or Angled) Eyeliner Brush

This relatively little known eye liner brush has a long handle and is bent at the brush end. What’s impressive about this brush is that it enables you to see what you’re doing without the obstruction of your hand.

It also allows you to create a very thin line – or even dot eyeliner between the lashes – which can be especially important for those of us with hooded eyes.

Flawless by Finishing Touch

Have you ever had the experience of looking in your rear view mirror and seeing a hair growing out of your chin that you’d somehow missed? Flawless is a compact travel-size electric razor which works like a charm to gently and quickly remove those stray hairs and peach fuzz on our faces.

Makeup Sponge

A dampened makeup sponge not only helps blend our foundation in seamlessly, but also adds more moisture to our skin. What could be better?

Eye Lash Curler with Handles That Are Easy to Grip

Eyelash curlers are especially helpful in making our thinner and sparser lashes look fuller, but often those metal handles are difficult to grip. Look for an eyelash curler with a rubberized handle to ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

Magnifying Mirror

There’s really no explanation needed for this one! But be aware that you can get magnification ranging from 5 to 20, and some mirrors can be mounted on the wall to make makeup application even easier.

Makeup Magnifying Glasses

For those of us who wear glasses, applying eye makeup can be tricky indeed. But there are inexpensive magnifying “readers” where both lenses hinge down or one lens swivels across to the other eye. Ingenious!

Magnetic False Eyelashes

Many of us are very sensitive about the fact that we have far fewer eyelashes or thinner eyelashes than we used to have. In the last couple of years, there’s been a new development on the false eyelash front: magnetic lashes.

The first ones were tricky and cumbersome. Now, however, there are false eyelashes with tiny magnets that can adhere to magnetic eyeliner. Of course, not all brands are created equal. Be sure to check out the video for more information and a recommended brand.

What makeup tools do you use every day? Which ones can you go without? Please share any tools that we missed to list!

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