Baby wipes are popular essentials for all parents, because they make the cleaning process so much easier

Baby wipes are popular essentials for all parents, because they make the cleaning process so much easier

However, even though you can use wipes as they come, because they are usually cold, they may cause shock to the skin, which means that your baby may try and resist them. To avoid this, you can use a wipe warmer that will make everything easier and more pleasant for both the baby and the parents. Moreover, wipe warmers may also come with added benefits such as doubling up as a nightlight that comes in very handy for use during the night.

The best wipe warmer on the market should not be too difficult to find, but you need to take into account multiple factors before purchasing one. We had a look at the most popular models available on the market and considered multiple features when reviewing them. Some of these include capacity, dimensions, changing light, power cord, and warranty.
Top 5 Wipe Warmers Review 2020
We spent days comparing the best wipe warmers on the market and created in-depth reviews of each of them, together with a table that compares the most important features of the products considered. At the end you will also find a buying guide detailing all important information you need to consider before making this purchase for your baby. Now, let’s have a look at the best wipe warmers available on the market today.
Image and Rating Name and Features Price 10 1. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice
A large-capacity, lightweight wipe warmer, with a 6-foot long power cord, powerful changing light and dependable lifetime warranty
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.8 2. Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser Best with Temperature Display Best with Temperature Display
Wipe warmer with three temperature settings and a temperature display, allowing you to choose the most comfortable temperature for your baby
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.5 3. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer Budget Pick Budget Pick
One-of-a-kind warmer, keeps your cloth wipes warm – great for eco-conscious families looking to save money and the environment
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.3 4. Tuut Baby Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser Most Eco-Friendly Most Eco-Friendly
A wipe warmer with a neat dispensing system, a model that is very easy to use – no need to take wipes out of their packaging
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.0 5. MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer and Dispenser Best Portable Best Portable
Take this wipe warmer with you when you travel, thanks to the handy USB and car charging options – ensure your baby is comfortable wherever you may go!
Check PriceRead Our Review 28. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser – Editor’s Choice Features Wipe capacity: up to 100 Dimensions: 11 x 8.1 x 5.5 inches Power cord: 6 feet Changing light: yes Warranty: lifetime
Extra features: illuminated power button, silicone seal to lock in moisture, large viewing window to keep track of capacity
Our choice for best all-around baby wipe warmer is the Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser, which provides a good mix of quality and affordability. With the company stating that they have sold over three million units of this product, there are many reasons for which this baby warmer is so popular. This lightweight wipe warmer weighs just 2.5 lbs. and is energy-efficient, as it comes complete with a low-voltage power adapter. There is no need to use batteries with this model, which also features a built-in changing light that automatically shuts off in 10 minutes. Many parents mentioned that the soft illumination of this machine doesn’t wake up the baby, which is a very important feature to consider because babies are extra sensitive to lights.

This wipe warmer features innovative silicon seal locks that allow the wipes to remain moist at all times, so you don’t have to deal with the issue of dry or browning wipes. Parents also like that this device is made of polypropylene that is free from PVC, BPA and phthalates. Moreover, the large viewing window makes it easy to see how many wipes there are left inside. The extra-large storage capacity is another benefit of this wipe warmer, because you can store over a week’s worth of wipes in it.
Pros Built-in changing light Large storage capacity Energy-efficient Lifetime warranty Cons Not dishwasher safe 29. Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser – Best with Temperature Display Features Wipe capacity: up to 100 Dimensions: 10.4 x 7 x 8.4 inches Power cord: length not specified Changing light: no Warranty: not specified
Extra features: LED temperature display, 3 temperature options, BPA-free plastic
Featuring a convenient LED temperature display, this wipe warmer lets you know exactly when the wipes have reached the perfect temperature for the sensitive skin of your baby. Unlike other models, the Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser uses steam to warm up the wipes, so each of them remains moist to keep your little one comfortable.

Most of the parents who used and reviewed this model mentioned that they like the way you can select from three temperature settings to find the optimal one for your baby. The package you receive includes the wipe warmer and a warming sponge, and everything is made from BPA-free materials for the safety of your baby. The wipe warmer was actually developed by a team of professionals in the medical industry, so you can be sure it meets all the safety standards you would expect from such a device.

The sleek design of the Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser makes it ideal for just about any nursery, and parents like that it doesn’t take up much space. Many users also mentioned that the device is very easy to set up. This means that it is easy to carry from one room to another or even take with you when traveling. The wipe warmer fits most standard baby wipes and it is possible to use it with adult wipes as well, if they are in the same dimension as those designed for babies.
Pros Multiple temperature options LED temperature display BPA-free materials Cons AC adapter may get hot 30. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer – Budget Pick Features Wipe capacity: 12 cloth wipes / up to 100 disposable wipes Dimensions: 10.7 x 7.8 x 5 inches Power cord: length not specified Changing light: yes Warranty: 1 year
Extra features: comes with 12 warmies
Suitable for most wipes brands, as well as for reusable cloth wipes, our budget pick is the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer. Besides coming at an attractive price, this warmer is one of the best choices out there for reusable wipes and features a sleek design that is easy to incorporate in any decor. The device sports multiple moisture retaining technologies including the back ended ever fresh moisture pillow located at the bottom of the unit that releases condensation to keep all wipes well moisture. Many reviewers mentioned that this warmer has the ability to keep wipes moist and warm for several hours at a time.

The excellent build quality is a surprise for a budget warmer, but users should keep in mind that the moisture pillow requires replacement every three months, which means that there may be additional upkeep costs for this device. However, it is still one of the best and most affordable wipe warmers for reusable wipes out there. Some users mentioned that it doesn’t do that great a job with disposable wipes, and that it takes approximately three hours to heat up. The reason for the warmer to be a better choice for reusable wipes than disposable ones is that the latter are thinner, and the opening at the top is a bit stiff for them. multiple users mentioned that the warmer may rip into disposable wipes, depending on the brand. However, is a great choice for parents who want to employ reusable wipes that are more eco-friendly.
Pros Inexpensive Suitable for reusable wipes Sleek design Cons Nightlight cannot be turned off 31. Tuut Baby Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser – Most Eco-Friendly Features Wipe capacity: up to 100 Dimensions: 10.1 x 7.3 x 5.1 inches Power cord: length not specified Changing light: no Warranty: lifetime
Extra features: pop-up lid, wide dispenser
With a storage capacity of up to 100 wipes at a time, the Tuut Baby Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser has received great reviews from parents because it provides an eco-friendly solution for your baby-changing needs. Coming with a lifetime warranty that guarantees long-lasting results with every use, this wipe warmer locks in moisture so each of the wipes you use for your baby’s sensitive skin remains comfortable and warm.

Users raved about how easy this wipe warmer is to use thanks to the pop-up lid with soft silicone that makes dispensing wipes a breeze. Even though this is a low-voltage, eco-friendly machine, you can leave it on 24/7 as long as there are wipes in it. The power is controlled from the plug and there is no on and off switch. The wipe warmer doesn’t come with a changing light, however, the power light provides a soft glow, so you can be aware of your surroundings at night.

The Tuut Baby Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser is one of the few wipe warmers out there that works with the wipes in their package, which means that you don’t have to take them out and expose them to air before placing them in the dispenser. Parents have also mentioned that the wipe warmer can also be used with the wipes out of the package as well if you prefer it this way.
Pros Works with wipes in package Handy pop-up lid Wide dispenser Cons No night light 32. MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer and Dispenser – Best Portable Features Wipe capacity: up to 100 Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.6 x 7.2 inches Power cord: USB charging cable (not supplied) Changing light: no Warranty: not specified
Extra features: patented “heat from top” design to retain moisture, energy-saving low power consumption
Featuring a patented heat from top design that retains moisture in the wipes better than many similar models on the market, the MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer and Dispenser is an energy-saving wipe warmer that comes with a very affordable price tag and is also easy to refill. Many parents confirmed that this wipe warmer does indeed eliminate the problem of drying out and browning of the wipes. The warmer is compact and light and comes with a USB charging cable that is compatible with phone adapters or cars, so you can take it with you when traveling without having to worry about where you will be able to recharge it.

The MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer and Dispenser features an auto lift mechanism to reduce the possibility of the wipes drying out, and its storage capacity is up to 100 regular wet wipes. Users mentioned that due to the design, up to 15 top wipes remain warm. However, as the auto lift mechanism pushes them up as you go, new ones get warmed up quickly.

While this warmer doesn’t have a built-in battery, it comes with a little glowing blue light on the lid, so you know it’s on. Multiple users have mentioned that the machine doesn’t come with a USB cable to plug into the outlet, but since it’s compatible with phone chargers and power banks, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Pros USB charging Retains moisture well Capacity of up to 100 wipes Cons No rechargeable battery

Buying Guide
No one likes the feeling of something cold and wet touching their skin, and babies are no different. Because they have very sensitive skin, babies deserve to have the highest level of comfort possible, and with a wipe warmer, you can make cleaning time much more pleasant for your little one. Below you will find a buying guide with all the characteristics you need to think about before buying a wipe warmer for your nursery.
Advantages of having a top-quality wipe warmer
A baby wipe warmer makes a great addition to every nursery and opting for a top-quality one means that you can keep your baby’s wipes warm to an optimal temperature while retaining all their original moisture. Besides providing your little one with extra comfort during diaper changes, warm wipes are also a good choice for cleaning your baby’s hands and face after meals or for cleaning down a play area. Unlike in the case of cold wipes, the warmer liquid evaporates more quickly to make cleanup a breeze.
Features to consider when choosing a wipe warmer
There are multiple features to consider when shopping for a wipe warmer, and the guide below details the most important of them, including weight, dimensions, safety, types of wipes and wipes capacity and more.
Type of wipes and wipe capacity
The two main types of baby wipes available on the market are disposable and cloth wipes. Most of the wipe warmers available out there are only compatible with disposable wipes, but you can also find models that work with reusable wipes, such as our budget choice, the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer.
Washable baby wipes are a good alternative to disposable ones because they are chemical free, they save you money in the long run, and they are a better choice for protecting the environment.

However, disposable wipes are hassle-free and widely available in all stores. When it comes to the capacity of the wipe warmers, many models can store up to 100 wipes, but they may only warm the first 15 of 20 at a time. Models that are suitable for reusable wipes can generally store up to 20 cloth wipes at a time.
Changing light
A changing light can be a useful feature for those moments you need to change your baby at night. This is because wipe warmers often have a discreet night lamp that doesn’t disturb your baby. Even though this is not really a necessity in a wipe warmer, it’s often a nice addition.
Warming mechanism
Not all wipe warmers use the same type of mechanism to heat up baby wipes. Some of them were from the top, while others generated from the bottom. As a rule of thumb, you generally get the same results with both types of heating mechanisms. Models that heat wipes from the bottom usually have a moist pillow or sponge that may need to be replaced from time to time.
The dimensions of a wipe warmer are important mostly when it comes to travelling, as you will want it to be as portable as possible. However, if you only need to use it in your home, then dimensions are not that crucial of an aspect. Make sure that the wipe warmer you choose fits comfortably on your changing table and in your baby bag if you plan to take it outside the home.
Just like in the case of dimensions, weight is only important if you plan on taking the wipe warmer outside the home. They wipe warmers that we reviewed above weigh about 2.6 lbs., with only the Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser going over the 3.5 lbs. mark.
Power Cord

The length of the power cord is important because you need to reach the plug comfortably. Some models come with a detachable power port for extra portability, whereas others work with a USB charging cable that you can hook up to your phone charger. If you plan on using the wipe warmer while travelling, look for a model that comes with a car charger as well.
Safety When shopping for a wipe warmer, you need to make sure it meets all safety standards so you can maintain impeccable hygiene for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Look for a model made from safe materials that are BPA-free, such as the Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser, for example. Moreover, look at the mechanisms employed for warming the wipes to make sure they meet all safety standards.
Lifetime warranty is a common occurrence with baby wipe warmers, but some models only offer a one-year warranty. Opt for the lifetime choice especially if you think of expanding your family in the future or if you want to pass the item along to members of the family or friends.
FAQ Do I need to take the wipes out of the plastic packaging before putting them into the warmer?
For most models you need to take the wipes out of the plastic packaging before placing them into the warmer, but there are some models such is the MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer or the Tuut Wipe Warmer that work with the package on. Make sure that you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before placing the wipes into the warmer.
How long does it take to warm the wipes?
This varies from one model to another, but you can generally expect to have warm wipes in two or three hours. Keep in mind, however, that most warmers only warm up to 15 wipes at the time, so if you need more you may need to wait for the next ones to be warmed up.
Can I use it with a portable USB charger?
Some models such as the Memi Cozy Wipe Warmer come with a USB cable outlet, which means that you can use them with a portable charger or even with a power bank.
Our Verdict
Whether you are looking for a wipe warmer for disposable or reusable wipes, out selection above has something for everybody. Our best all-around choice, the Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser is a great option for those who are looking for a mix of quality and affordability. If you want a wipe warmer that comes with a temperature display, so you can easily control how warm the wipes are, the Lilmonki Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser is the best choice out there. Finally, if you want a wipe warmer that doesn’t break the bank, our budget pick, the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer would fit the bill. No matter what kind of warmer you’re looking for, make sure you do your research to make the most informed choice possible!

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