Being able to work from the comfort of your own home was a pipe dream for most prior to 2020

Being able to work from the comfort of your own home was a pipe dream for most prior to 2020

But COVID-19 and stay-at-home restrictions have made working from home the norm. Times are changing, and so are the requirements of your WFH office. To set up a workspace just about anywhere, even in bed, you need one of the best mini lap desks.

Waking up a bit later, avoiding the morning rush hour, brewing your own coffee and choosing your own hours are just a few perks of working from home. Although, in order to actually enjoy those benefits, you first need to make sure you’re able to work comfortably. 

Designing a home office is one way to create a work-friendly environment, but it requires a hefty investment. However, a mini lap desk does not, and these devices have many benefits other than the price, too:

Budget-Friendly – Compared to a full-sized alternative, separate desk chair and all the accessories to go with, a mini lap desk is a bargain buy. They range from around $20 to $50. Toward the lower end of the price bracket, you’ll get a pretty basic setup, but spend a bit more and you could have an integrated lamp, fan and phone slot.

Convenient – Other than fold-out legs or a removable cushion on certain models, mini lap desks are a truly convenient piece of equipment. Bring them out from their storage space, place them on your lap and you’re good to go.

Ergonomic – As with all furniture, correct ergonomics are important. By adhering to this user-friendly design style, your body stays comfortable and supported. 

Versatile – TV tray, side table, art station and standing desk are just a few of the alternative uses for a mini lap desk. You’ll need to choose a specific design based on what you want to use it for, but most mini lap desks are capable of being more than just a laptop rest. 

Mini lap desks are great for days when you just want to work on the couch, and when those days come, you’ll be so glad you have one. We have searched online for the 14 best mini lap desks to make it easier for you to work from anywhere in the house — including your bed. You can thank us later.
   1. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

With its large work surface, mouse pad and innovative air-flow design, the LapHear Home Office Lap Desk is a great choice for a mini lap desk. It features a slot for propping up a smartphone and is compatible with laptops of up to 15 inches as well as most tablets. Additionally, the integrated dual-cushion bolster conforms to the shape of your lap and is designed to keep you cool while you work.

Buy: LapGear Home Office Lap Desk $29.99
   2. Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Built for multitasking, the Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Desk has thought of all the main aspects of a comfortable work-from-home day. Laptops from 13 to 15 inches fit well and make the best use of the mouse pad and memory foam wrist cushion. Additionally, the smartphone slot allows you to see any calls or texts coming in during the workday.

Buy: Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Desk $45.99
   3. HUANUO Lap Desk

Generous surface zones for your laptop and mouse make the HUANUO Lap Desk an enjoyable station to work from. Laptops up to 17 inches fit comfortably, and the 21.5-inch-long wrist cushion ensures your hands are supported while typing. The cushion also doubles as a stopper for holding your device in place. For the best user experience, dual resting pads are integrated beneath the work surface. There’s also a smartphone slot and a pen holder.

Buy: HUANUO Lap Desk $45.99
   4. Honey-Can-Do Portable Lap Desk

Stylish, green and incredibly smooth, the main surface of the Honey-Can-Do Portable Lap Desk features a removable pad and an integrated carry handle. Great for students and small spaces, this mini lap desk measures 16 by 23.5 inches and can be stored easily on its side between two pieces of furniture. Plus, the comfort cushion has a sewn-in cable tidy to keep your charger close and controlled.

Buy: Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk $22.13
   5. LapGear My Desk Lap Desk

In the market for a no-frills, simple-yet-effective laptop desk? If so, this is the one for you. Dual-booster pillows provide comfort, while the two built-in trays offer organized storage. Large enough to accommodate any laptop up to 15 inches, the surface also has an integrated air-flow system for ventilation. While this doesn’t have all the features more expensive models do, it does the job adequately.

Buy: LapGear My Desk Lap Desk $19.97
   6. HUANUO Portable Adjustable Lap Desk

Eight preset viewing angles make this lap desk a must-have. Great for hands-free use, simply place your laptop or tablet on the non-slip stand and manually adjust it to the ideal position. Two integrated soft bolsters offer a comfortable cushion, whether you’re working in bed, on the sofa or even on the floor. Plus, the smart space-saving design makes it easy to fold and store this lap desk when it’s not in use.


Buy: HUANUO Portable Lap Desk $16.99
   7. Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk

Need a lap desk with extra storage? You’re in luck. The Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk is a spacious portable desk with collapsible legs and an extra durable build. It also folds down into an easy-to-carry case. The generous storage makes this lap desk ideal for other uses, too. In fact, it can be used as a lap desk, a breakfast table, a book stand and much more.

Buy: Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk $19.52
   8. GPCT Adjustable Laptop Table

Highly functional, even in the dark, the GPCT Adjustable Laptop Table has a built-in triple LED desk lamp to help you type at night. It also has a built-in cooling fan to protect your laptop from overheating. As an added bonus, there is a storage compartment located underneath the generously sized mouse pad.

Buy: GPCT Adjustable Laptop Table $56.99
   9. Nnewvante Adjustable Bamboo Laptop Desk

This elegant Nnewvant Adjustable Bamboo Laptop Desk is both handmade and hand-polished for a quality finish. Its large flat surface, tilting abilities and storage drawer make it great as a TV tray, art station and standing desk, too. Plus, the five adjustable height settings and built-in, quiet desk fan make it easier to keep your devices on for longer without overheating.

Buy: Nnewvante Adjustable Laptop Desk Table $49.66
   10. Sofia + Sam All-Purpose Lap Desk

Comfortably use your laptop anywhere with this Sofia + Sam All-Purpose Lap Desk. Featuring an ergonomic wrist support and memory foam bolster, it’s designed to distribute weight evenly. The large, smooth surface is suited for laptops up to 17 inches and works well as a drawing station, too.

Buy: Sofia + Sam All Purpose Lap Desk $39.96
   11. MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand

Upholstered in colored cotton linen, the MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand boasts a unique design. The internal sponge is quite strong, so it holds a solid shape. This is ideal for supporting your tablet at a 60 degree viewing angle. Plus, the built-in ridge ensures the tablet won’t slip, even on the soft surface. Because this lap desk is only really useful for tablets, it’s best for graphic designers and others who don’t require a full laptop to work.

Buy: MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand $24.99
   12. AboveTEK Portable Lap Desk

The AboveTEK Portable Lap Desk is one of the most compact desks available. A retractable mouse tray is integrated into the side of the desk to help it keep its minimal profile. The top surface of the lap desk is covered by anti-slip material, and it is the ideal size for laptops up to 15.6 inches. Although very thin, this lap desk is a quality product made from highly durable materials, which also act as a heat shield to protect your legs and prevent your laptop from overheating.

Buy: AboveTEK Portable Lap Desk $25.49
   13. Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Desk

Two user-friendly, auto-locking buttons located on either side of the Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Desk allow you to adjust its height between 9.4 and 12.6 inches. There is also a pull-out lever for adjusting the angle up to 30 degrees. Being able to increase the height and change the tilt of the surface makes this lap desk ideal for doubling as a TV tray. It’s also great for WFB (working from bed), as the larger leg space makes room for your comforter, too!

Buy: Avantree Quality Adjustable Laptop Table $49.99
   14. LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk

As portable as it is versatile, the LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk is a top-quality workstation for your WFH office. It’s best suited for devices up to 15.6 inches and includes ergonomic wrist support as well as a precision-tracking mouse pad. To avoid missing any important calls or your cell phone finding its way down the side of the sofa, a built-in media slot offers secure storage. Plus, the sleek airflow design helps channel unwanted heat away from your laptop.

Buy: LapGear XL Deluxe Laptop Lap Desk $42.30
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