Best Baby Bath Products

Best Baby Bath Products

Your first baby bath sounds terrifying. It shouldnt be.

But as veteran moms, dads, and caregivers know, having the right gear (not to mention lots of awesome toys) can transform this tricky task into one of the sweetest shared moments of your day.

Because newborns cant sit up or even support their necks, a tiny tub that keeps them secure is a huge help, especially if youre trying to bathe baby on your own.

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But before you purchase a small bath tub, consider where youll place it and check the dimensions carefully. If you hope to use the baby bath for months to come, look into one that adjusts as your little one grows. In addition to the right tub, other amenities can make bath time a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Weve rounded up some of the best baby bath gear around so you can keep your little one sweet-smelling and safe without feeling like youve just completed a triathlon. Who knows, you may just instill a lifelong love for staying clean. And trust us, that may come in handy when theyre older and refusing to bathe.

Boon's baby bathtub has an adjustable bump and contoured back, and is suitable for newborns through seated toddlers. Plus it fits in most double sinks.

Dimensions: 25.4 x 15.7 x 8.8 in

Pros: The Boon baby bath has a color-changing drain plug to make sure the water is the right temperature. And its great for newborns, infants and toddlers, up to 18 months.

Cons: It doesnt have grips on the bottom, so it can slide around.

This baby bath tub is suitable from birth up to 12 months, and features a large foam backrest which is warmer and more welcoming to baby than hard plastic. Because of its small footprint, you can use it in the tub, stall shower, or kitchen sink.

Dimensions 15 x 14 x 24 in

Pros: Babies like this tub almost immediately because it immerses them into the warm water in a way that makes them feel safe and cozy. Its available in three shades: blue, pink, or grey. Rubber feet ensure it doesnt slip around. The bum bump gives baby added support.

Cons: Its pricier than other baby baths. There isnt a drain so you cant let dirty water out without dumping the whole tub.

Say good-bye to crouching beside the tub. Featuring four, plush oversized petals, the Blooming Bath Lotus is an alternative to traditional tubs. It was designed to cradle even the smallest newborns. Non-slip traction dots on the bottom keep little ones safe and secure while getting clean. Recommended for infants 0-6 months, it fits easily in every sink.

Dimensions: It measures 33 inches tip-to-tip.

Pros: Babies feel so relaxed and comfy in it, some even fall asleep. Its a must for those who wish to wash baby in the sink rather than get down on the floor and kneel beside the tub. Available in multiple colors, its pretty to look at and easy to store.

Cons: Like a sponge, these petals hold water for a long time and some found it difficult to wring out completely. (But you can always toss it in the dryer on low.)

My Bath Seat is perfect for squirming little ones who are transitioning to the adult tub. With a high backrest and spacious design, this seat features suction cups that stabilize it and ensure you and baby have a pleasant bath time experience. It can hold up to 25 lbs.

Dimensions: 22-1/2 L x 18-1/2 W x 9-3/4 H

Pros: This allows you to wash your tot and older siblings in the same tub at the same time without risking anyones safety. Its a great option for babies whove outgrown their tiny tubs but arent ready to be unsupported in the water.

Cons: Its too bulky to leave permanently in tub and can be a hassle to screw and unscrew into the tub every night.

Fitting most standard faucets, this gadget serves as a soft deflector that protects little ones from accidentally bopping their heads against the hard faucet. It also creates a gentle waterfall effect. Its BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Pros: This extends the stream of water, making it easier to fill baby bath tubs. Little ones enjoy the gentle waterfall, while older kids dig that it doubles as a bubble bath dispenser.

Cons: It can get moldy if you dont clean it regularly.

Getting the bath water temperature just right can be a challenge. Let this cute rubber duck take the guesswork out of it for you. BPA-free and tested to the EN71 Standard, this device gives accurate digital temperature readings that automatically update every 10 seconds. Additionally, the Dreambaby Thermometer can also be placed in babys room to offer reliable temperature readings, allowing you to adjust your thermostat as necessary.

Pros: Cute-looking and easy to use, this device comes at a great price. Choose from duck, crocodile, or turtle, and never worry about baby getting burned or freezing when the tub water turns chilly again.

Cons: While it comes with batteries, some found that they need to be replaced almost immediately.

Keeping post-bath baby as cozy as possible, these absorbent, plush, and super soft towels are made from 100 percent organic bamboo so theyre hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly. In addition to being adorable, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Pros: High-quality and perfect for boys or girls, this towel makes a perfect gift. The hood keeps babys head warm

Cons: Its oversized and doesnt dry too quickly.

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