Chocolate orange cake😋

This was a bit of a shot in the dark. I was asked to make an engagement cake. The only instructions were…..he likes Terrys Chocolate orange….no nuts…no brainer then, alternating layers of orange sponge & chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream & orange buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache & decorated with Terrys chocolate orange segments & some gold & white chocolate shaving.

When I bake sponge cakes I tip them out of their tins straight away, but I leave the baking paper on them… when they are almost cool I wrap them in cling film/plastic wrap/Saran wrap… from here on in called cling film… when I’m sorted out I’ll have a place here for different terms, temperature scales, weights & cups etc…. in the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me if something doesn’t make sense…I find wrapping them, even for a short time, keeps the moisture in and makes the edges soft instead of crunchy. You don’t have to use it of course… popping them in an airtight tin or box will do just as well.

Now comes the good bit, the difficult bit is not keep dipping your finger in the cream. Starting with a chocolate sponge, cover with orange buttercream. I then place an orange sponge covered in chocolate buttercream on top buttercream side down. Cover the top in chocolate cream… get the idea…carry on alternating buttercream & sponges it doesn’t matter if it’s messy, or the sponges aren’t exactly the same size, everything will be covered up.

So you will end up with a stacked cake like this… as I said don’t worry about the look of it… this is home baking… all about the taste…you can make it as big or as small as you like, by altering the amount of sponges you use. What I do now is wrap it in cling film, as invariably I will be called away to do something else before covering in chocolate. If you feel really strongly about not using it do not worry… nothing bad will happen. I would advise stacking the cakes and covering in chocolate ganache all in one day to keep the moisture in. If you have a tin deep enough then use that upside down (so you don’t damage the cakes getting them out).

The next step is covering in chocolate ganache…. which is double cream that has been brought to the boil, taken of the heat & broken chocolate stirred in until it has all melted and is shiny. It now needs to be left to cool. It needs to be still pourable when you use it, but not too runny. Here I’m making 2 cakes at the same time. I sit the cakes on a rack set in a tray, if you line the tray with baking paper the chocolate ganache can be saved for another time… here we just eat it out of the tray……Carefully pour the ganache onto the middle of the cake… it will spread out & drip down the sides.. as soon as it does, I stop and let it set a little. This way you get a thicker layer on the top. When it’s set, pour again in the middle… this time as it drips down the sides, stop pouring in the middle of the cake & pour it around the edges of the cake. You can use a palette knife to smooth the edges.

All that remains to do now.. is tap & unwrap the Terrys chocolate orange & decorate the cake. I also used a bag of miniature chocolate orange segments. I had a pot of ice cream sprinkles in the cupboard so I used the gold &  white chocolate curls from that as well…Ideally this should now sit somewhere cool for a day to make sure everything is set….It was a success at the engagement party & I have made it many times before. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do
INGREDIENTS FOR CAKES 2 x 8”/20cm cake tins/silicone moulds Baking paper This amount is enough to make 2 orange sponge cakes 12 oz/340g/1 1/2cups of self raising flour or plain/all purpose & 2tsps baking agent 10oz/280g/1cup of caster sugar 12oz/340g/2 1/2cups of butter/margarine+some to grease tins 6 large free range eggs Half a pot of Orange essence I use Morrisons The Best. Orange food colouring enough to give an orange colour To make chocolate cakes replace 2oz/50g/1/4 cup of the flour with cocoa powdered don’t add the orange essence or colouring, instead use 2tbls of strong coffee METHOD Heat oven to 180deg Centigrade 350def Fahrenheit gas Mark 4 Grease & line the cake tins/moulds Put all the ingredients for the cake in a large bowl and beat until smooth, light & fluffy. A hand or stand mixer is ideal for this. Divide between the two cake tins & bake for about 25-30 mins. Please check on your cakes as all ovens cook differently. If you press you finger very gently on the top of the cake & it bounces back they are cooked… if it leaves a hollow it needs a bit longer….don’t worry if they crack. After they leave the oven like this they will sink a little, the top will then have a flat, if a little wrinkled top. INGREDIENTS FOR BUTTERCREAM 6oz/200g/1cup of soft butter 12oz/400g/2 cups icing sugar For chocolate cream 4tbls cocoa powder & 1tbls strong coffee. You can vary the taste to your own liking. For orange cream add the remainder of the orange essence & orange colouring to your own preference. METHOD Careful combine the icing sugar and butter to avoid it puffing everywhere, then beat until pale & creamy. Now adjust taste to your preference😋 Spread the orange buttercream on the chocolate cakes & the chocolate buttercream on the orange cakes & stack. Alternate the orange & chocolate buttercreams with the sponges leave the top plain for the chocolate ganache

I use equal quantities.. some say to use more chocolate, some say more cream… about 300ml/300g/1 1/4 cups double/heavy cream to 10oz/300g/11/2 cups of dark chocolate pieces or chips.

Place chocolate in a large heat proof bowl. Bring cream to the boil and add to the chocolate. Stir until thick & glossy.. leave to cool then pour over the top of the stacked cakes. As it starts to drip down the side, stop pouring. Leave to set a little then pour on more chocolate to completely cover the cake. Leave to set & decorate with Terrys chocolate orange segments.
Pour the chocolate ganache evenly all over the cake. Stand in a tray to catch the drips.
All that is left to do now is cut it share it & enjoy it. Let me know how you got on with the recipe & also any changes you made to it😋

Happy Baking M. XXX