coffee blancmange

coffee blancmange

Welcome to my new addiction….Coffee blancmange. This recipe found its way to me through my grandparents next door but one neighbour Mary who I’ve known all my life but didn’t appreciate as a child her passion for baking. However many years later when she was in her 90’s she called me up and knowing how much I love to bake and passed on all her beloved recipes and cookbooks to me. I was so moved. Over the coming weeks I spent time looking through the handwritten recipes to cuttings from newspapers and magazines all neatly put together in folders and it was fascinating because they were across the eras of her whole life and in a strange way I felt very connected to them as it was like looking at my future self. Blancmange wouldn’t be my usual go to pud however I am a coffee lover so I just had to try this recipe. Now its one of my go to puds. If you don’t set it in moulds it makes a delicious warm custard on a stodgy sponge cake!

-1 pint milk
– 4 1/2 tbsp cornflour
– 3 tbsp sugar
– 14g (1/2oz) marg
– 1 tbsp Instant coffee

Note (Before you start fill your moulds with cold water and place in the fridge to chill. When your blancmange is ready to be put into your moulds pour out the water, don’t dry and pour the blancmange mixture straight in)

-Out of your pint of milk pour 1/4 pint in to a bowl
-Stir in the cornflour
-Pour the other 3/4 pint of milk into a saucepan along with the butter and sugar and heat gently until just boiled
-Then add your coffee
(don’t worry if the fat from the butter doesn’t completely dissolve off the surface)
-Now pour your hot milk onto the cold milk and stir for a minute
-Pour this back in to your saucepan and heat again for 2-3 minutes until thick and glossy
-Use as custard or pour in to moulds and set overnight to make blancmange.


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