Find Out What Was Your Home Style the Decade You Were Born

Find Out What Was Your Home Style the Decade You Were Born

Find Out What Was Your Home Style the Decade You Were Born

Everything changes as time passes, especially the tastes regarding the style, fashion and even interior design. You would be surprised how much your home change during time, whether were talking about the pastel explosion of the 80s or the golden arches of the 90s.

The 80s

When you mention 1980s interior design, you automatically think about bold prints and extravagant colors. As you are well aware, the interior design trends have the tendency to reborn and loud design choices had a big say in 2018 as well.


Almost everything comes back in style if you wait long enough and brass accessories are a good example. Thedesigner Lee Robinson ofLee W. Robinson Company affirms that, Brass can be understated and even luxurious, not as common as some people thing. It is an element that gives a unique design to a room, with a hint of luxury.


Soft pastels, such as light pink and blue were a big hit in the 80s and 90s and they had a come back in 2000. Its not the mint green we were seeing before, its more like a sage-y color, and its not a baby blue, its a bit of a dusty blue. Youre seeing it with pinks and oranges and things like that, as well,says Caitlin Murray, founder and CEO ofBlack Lacquer Design.

Miami Style/Retro Vibe

The Miami architecture and interior style are typical for the 80s. It is represented by the art deco style and it has an affinity for neon colors and industrial machine inspired forms.

If you recognize one of this trends, you are most likely born in the 80s.

The 90s

The 90s are characterized by minimalism, or so to say less is more. Most likely people got enough extravagance during the 80s. The DIY projects took a nice turn and they were more and more popular thanks to TV shows such dedicated to them.

The woods popularity

The was the all time favorite in peoples homes, especially the orange-stained oak and also the blonde pine. It was used in all the rooms, from kitchen to bedroom, for kitchen cabinets, tables, stools, cupboards, beds and almost anything really.

The minimalist touch

The minimalism of the 90s looks like the Scandinavian style of our days. The people returned to basics and the home design began to look simpler and restrained.

Sponge Painting

You must remember the sponge painting if you were born during the 90s. As we already said, the DIY trend was very popular and people were trying to be creative and keep things interesting. There was a faux-Tuscan trendalong with speckled sponge painted-bathrooms in any slew of colors.

Fake Plants

We must admit, the trend of fake plants was not one of our favorite trends of the 90s. From silk flowers to over the top bouquets, they gave any room an almost tacky vibe. Real plants dominating the interior designs of the 2000 are much more stylish.

The 2000

We can see the contemporary interior design trends all around us and we can mention three of the most iconic trends of 2000: nautical home decor, shabby chic furniture and accessories and Tuscan kitchens.

In Conclusion

No matter the changes we face over time, we will find a way to adapt to new fashion trends and new interior design trends, but we will adapt everything to our personal style.

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