Here Are The 2 Most Effortless Ways To Clean Your Microwave

Here Are The 2 Most Effortless Ways To Clean Your Microwave

I’m sure that my microwave doesn’t turn into a disaster area overnight, but sometimes it seems that way! Once in a while I’ll go to use it, only to be greeted by a microwave full of splatters, smears, and baked-on food messes. And have you ever tried to scrub that stuff off? It’s hard work! But luckily I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. ;-) I have not one, but TWO methods that you can use to clean your microwave with little to no effort. And they both work using the power of steam!

Creating a steamy environment in your microwave helps to loosen the super-stubborn food messes that tend to accumulate inside. Once the steam works its magic, those messes are easy to wipe up using a sponge, cloth, or paper towel. There’s no better or quicker way to clean a microwave, in my humble opinion! So today I’ll be sharing both of my microwave cleaning methods with you, because it’s always nice to have options! :-)

The first method uses vinegar, which is one of my all-time favorite natural cleaners. It cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes all at once! But I know that some people (my husband and sons included) can be sensitive about the scent of vinegar, so that’s why I’ve included a second cleaning method as well. The second method uses water and lemon oil to clean and sanitize the inside of your microwave, minus the vinegar smell. I think both methods work equally well, so choose whichever one appeals to you most (or whichever method you have the supplies for!)
2 Easy Ways To Clean Your Microwave

Method #1 – Steam Clean With Vinegar
You’ll need:
White vinegar Water Glass measuring cup Wooden skewer or wooden spoon Microfiber cloth Rubbing alcohol (optional)

Step 1 – Prep
Pour one cup of white vinegar into a measuring cup or bowl, along with one cup of water. Place the cup or bowl into your microwave, then place a wooden spoon into the liquid.

(This step helps ensure that your vinegar and water mixture won’t get superheated and accidentally explode. It may not be necessary, but it’s an easy precaution to take!)

Step 2 – Microwave
Set your microwave for 5-10 minutes (depending on how powerful your microwave is) and turn it on. When the time is up, CAREFULLY remove the cup from the microwave using an oven mitt.

Step 3 – Wipe The Inside
Next, grab a microfiber cloth and wipe the inside of your microwave clean. The steam from the water and vinegar will have loosened up any splatters and spills, so you can wipe the surfaces clean without any scrubbing!

Bonus Step – Shine The Outside
If you want to go the extra mile with your microwave, here’s a simple step to make the outside really shine! Grab your microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol, and pour a bit of the alcohol onto the cloth. Use the dampened cloth to wipe and buff the outside of your microwave to a sparkly-clean shine!

For those of you who would rather use a vinegar-free method, never fear! :-) I’ve got a second microwave cleaning method to share today. This one uses water and essential oils, and it’s just as simple as the first method. Here’s how to do it:

Method #2 – Steam Clean Without Vinegar
You’ll need:
Water Lemon essential oil Spray bottle Sponge

Step 1 – Prep
Start by getting your sponge wet. You want it to be as saturated as possible! Then place your wet sponge in the microwave.

Next, fill your spray bottle with a couple of ounces of water and about 3-5 drops of lemon essential oil. (If you want a stronger lemon scent, use a few more drops, or a fewer if you’d prefer a subtler scent.)

Step 2 – Spray
Spray the inside of your microwave with the water and lemon oil mixture. Make sure you spray it liberally all over, including the top, bottom, and sides of your microwave.
Step 3 – Microwave
Then set your microwave for approximately 2 minutes, then turn it on.

Step 4 – Wipe Clean
After the time is up and the microwave turns off, leave the sponge inside the microwave with the door closed for a few minutes, until the sponge is cool enough to handle. Then grab that sponge and use it to wipe out the inside. Watch in amazement as all the gunk and grime slides off easily!

You can also use the same sponge to wipe down the outside of the microwave as well. Enjoy your clean AND fresh-smelling microwave!

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