Holiday Gift Guide for Wine & Cocktail Lovers

Our Holiday Wine Gift Guide is perfect for the Wine and Cocktail Lovers on your list this year.

This is part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide. See our Gift Guide for BBQ, Grilling, and general foodies here.

In part 1 I discuss my love/hate relationship with most gift guides and why we like to keep it simple with our gift recommendations.

That being said, these are our suggestions for the wine or cocktail lover on your list this year. A few of these contain affiliate links. Theyre all products we use and love on a regular basis and think you might like them too! So lets get into our holiday wine gift guide.

NewAir Stainless Steel Wine Fridge

In case youre in the market for a quality wine fridge, because they are having a site-wide sale for Black Friday. This one comes in two sizes (29 bottle or 46), is well-built, super quiet, and has 2 temperature zones (so you can keep your red wines and white wines at different temperatures). Weve gone through several wine fridges over the last 20 years and this one is by far the most well built. Full review HERE. But if you shop today you can take advantage of their site-wide sale! Shop here. Use Code 20VINDULGE for 20% off that sale price!

Riedel Wine Stems

Good stems are a must in my house. Im no snob, but they truly help with the enjoyment of whatever it is Im drinking. I try to keep my stems basic and have a style for sparkling wine/Champagne, one for white wines, and one for reds. If youre really into wine it may help to have two styles of red wine glasses (a standard Burgundy stem and a Bordeaux stem). Riedel is pretty widely available and solid, both in reputation and quality.

This is a great starter set. It comes with 4 Champagne, 4 white, and 4 red stems, sold at a great price for this brand.

My Favorite Wine Stems

But if youve been following my Friday Instagram sparkling wine posts youll notice they are unique. My stems are SophienwaldAnd theyre stylish and gorgeous. I have a set of these for special moments in addition to my everyday Riedel set (above).

Use code VINDULGE at check out for free shipping. These are heirloom quality stem ware and gorgeous.

Wine Club Cellar 503

I dont recommend too many wine clubs, because I think most are subjective to any particular wine lovers taste. BUT, that being said this wine club focuses solely on local Oregon wines from small and amazing producers. Its very well curated and very affordable for the quality of Oregon wines you get!

Wine Books

But First, Champagne: A Modern Guide to the Worlds Favorite Wine

I received this book for Christmas last year and loved every page of it. Its a fantastic look at the history of my absolute favorite beverage, along with how its made, some of the best producers, and so much more. This is a must for any Champagne lover in your life.

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

This is a fantastic beginners guide to all things wine. Perfect for the newbie on your list (or wine enthusiast wanting to take her/his wine knowledge to the next level!) who wants to learn more about wine in a gorgeously visual way.

The Oxford Companion to Wine

Jancis Robinsonis one of THE worlds leading authorities on wine and this book is the ultimate of ultimate wine books.This has to be the most comprehensive book on the subject, period.This reference guide must be a part of any genuine wine enthusiast or aspiring sommeliers library!

Great Stocking Stuffers

My Favorite Champagne Stopper

Ive gone through dozens of different kinds of Champagne stoppers and these are super solid and super cheap. They keep your bubbles crisp in the bottle and dont let extra air in the bottle which would allow those bubbles to dissipate too quickly (unlike cheaper versions of this). A great stocking stuffer for the bubbly lover on your list.

Insulated Outdoor Wine Travel Tumbler

Sean got me a set of these for Mothers Day last year and Im a little obsessed. Whether going on a walk with friends, bringing to the beach, camping, tailgating, or traveling, these insulated stainless steel wine tumblers are fantastic for keeping wine safe (no glass to break!), and stay cold if drinking white wine. Mine are 8oz, and the perfect size for a glass of wine.

Wine Glass Pens: easy host gift or stocking stuffer

This is another fun stocking stuffer. We using our wine pens when we entertain guests. Instead of wine charms (where its easy to forget which wine charm you chose) why not write your name or a fun picture on the glass. The ink comes off super easy by running some warm water and a sponge over the stem.Awesome host gift for parties or general stocking stuffer. My kids love to use these on their (non-wine) glasses as well.

Cocktail Ice Molds

You gotta have cool ice cubes if youre to make a great cocktail, right?!

Well, no, not really. But these are pretty cool! We get a ton of questions on this cocktail video as to where we got our ice molds. We have several kinds, including these large ones as seen in the video. But these (in the photo above) are more practical for everyday cocktails. They make a great stocking stuffer for any cocktail lover on your list. This is a 2-pack that has both cubes and round balls. We have both.

Thats our holiday wine gift guide. If we find more good deals well be sure to let you know, either via our Facebook page or weekly newsletter, or updating this post. So make sure youre following along so you can be in the know of a good deal when we see it.

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A few of these items contain affiliate links. Please know we only recommend items we love and use often, and everything on this list is items we stand by. Happy Holidays!

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