I Will NEVER Use a Regular Sponge Again Thanks to Scrub Daddy!

hand holding a scrub daddy sponge in box

Who’s Your Daddy? The Scrub Daddy!

Our team is obsessed with the Scrub Daddy! While it may sound like it’s simply a daddy who scrubs your dishes (although some of you may be lucky enough to already have a living version of these!) 😉, the Scrub Daddy I’m referring to is a scratch-free cleaning tool that debuted on Shark Tank back in 2012!

Pink and yellow smiley face scrub daddy sponges sitting in tray

Scrub Daddy changes its cleaning ability based on the temperature of your water. It’s so cool! 😍

If you’re not familiar with these smiley sponges, they have an innovative FlexTexture, which means they change depending on the water temperature! They stay firm in cool water (great when you need to remove stuck-on food) and then soften up in warmer water (great for regular cleaning).

hand holding a yellow and bright pink sponge

Since the Scrub Daddy launched, they’ve even come out with it’s even more versatile counterpart – the Scrub Mommy!

The Scrub Mommy has the same FlexTexture on one side and a stain and odor resistant sponge on the other side. The sponge is also 6x more absorbent than the leading sponge brands and produces 60% more soap suds. Whoa, momma! However, no Scrub Babies have been born yet, but we’re patiently waiting for one or two. 😂

There’s also plenty more reasons why they’re so amazing, too! 

hand holding a pink smiley face scrub daddy sponge with soap suds and wine glass in background

The Scrub Daddy & Scrub Mommy are durable, scratch-resistant, and odor-resistant!

The FlexTexture may look a bit rough, but both the Scrub Daddy and Mommy are scratch-resistant so you can clean all your fine china and favorite pots and pans without worrying about ruining them!

To make these sponges even better than your traditional sponge, they don’t even absorb smelly odors so you can clean all the nasty, stuck-on food without worry. To top it off, food doesn’t stick to them either which is a huge bonus because if you’ve ever used traditional sponges, you know it doesn’t take long for them to get pretty nasty.

hand holding a green smiley face sponge in stainless steel sink

Here are the amazing perks of owning the Scrub Daddy & Scrub Mommy sponges:

  • Scratch-free
  • Stain-resistant
  • Odor-resistant
  • Can be hard and soft depending on the water temperature
  • They stay clean on their own and don’t collect food

Given all of these facts, the Scrub Daddy or Scrub Mommy should last you for several weeks! (I literally use mine until it has almost disintegrated into nothing.)

hand holding a green smiley face sponge and ice cream scoop

Here’s what a bunch of ladies on our team are saying about their Scrub Daddy sponges:

“I LOVE my Scrubby Daddy so much and I will never use a regular sponge again! The Scrub Daddy never smells and slowly disintegrates as you use it so you know when it’s time to buy a new one (it has always lasted several months for me with lots of regular use)! I love that it stays firm in cold water and then gets softer in hot water. I seriously cannot recommend it enough!” – Bryn

“I LOVE the Scrub Daddy! It’s all I use now ever since Bryn told me about them.” – Kimberly

“I LOVE my Scrub Daddy so much and will never go back to using a regular sponge again. They work so well to get off all that stuck-on food – you know, the food that’s been sitting on a plate that your kids threw in the sink hours before. 🙄

I also love that they don’t seem to absorb all of the food and grime you are cleaning up as a sponge does. They basically disintegrate slowly over time as you use them, so basically when you’re ready for a new one, the old one is gone – literally.” – Collin

“After visiting Collin’s house, I jumped on the Scrub Daddy train. I love how they are firmer than sponges and work great for kitchen and dish clean-ups! They are more expensive but 100% worth it!” – Lina 

Where can you get a Scrub Daddy or Scrub Mommy? 🤔

target drive up bag sitting on granite kitchen countertop

Here are some places to score them at the best prices:

  • Target – you can order your Scrub Daddy or Mommy with free store pickup, plus you can save an additional 5% OFF with your Target RedCard.

*Note that Scrub Daddy did NOT sponsor this post! Our team just truly loves this product and we wanted to share it with you.

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