It’s our birthday! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the team’s favorite childhood birthday food, and updated them to 2020; and we’re sharing them to you throughout the month

The best part about having cake on your birthday is that you get to choose what cake it’ll be. Chiffon, ice cream, sponge—you name it, and you’ll probably get it. But as children, there were some cakes that seemed to good to be true; that felt like they only existed in our minds. For our video director Dan, that dream cake was a rainbow cake. (Although obviously now, that doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Anyway…)


So for her #PepperAnniversary recipe, we made Dan a rainbow sprinkle sheet cake. It’s light and fluffy, with a sweetness level that’s just right, keeping the focus on the colorful toppings. And since she’s the team’s resident health nut, her cake even comes with a bonus: we made the sprinkles using organic, natural food dyes!

The sprinkles are really the star of this cake. So there’s no need to fuss over the base if you don’t have the time or patience for it. Yes, that means you can use a box cake mix. We recommend the Betty Crocker ones if they’re on sale. Otherwise, the Maya ones are great, too.
Rainbow Sprinkle Sheet Cake
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