Jill Valentine Returns to Raccoon City

Jill Valentine Returns to Raccoon City

Camcom releases the eagerly awaited remake to 1998’s Resident Evil 3 on all consoles and platforms!
On September 22nd of 1999, fans of the Resident Evil series were treated to the third part of the highly beloved and praised franchise with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The game was an instant classic, selling millions of copies worldwide. The game was originally intended to help spin off new characters in the franchise and to add more of an action element to the series’ traditionally slower paced horror focused gameplay. Resident Evil 3 completes the Raccoon City story ark capping off a legendary trilogy while preceding the fan-favorite Resident Evil 4.
The Remake
After the massive success of the Resident Evil 2 remake which I covered last spring, Capcom was smart to continue with the RE remake cycle with Resident Evil 3. Incredibly modern graphics and going with an over the shoulder style instead of the original third-person perspective will make new players feel as if this game was conceived and made for the first time in 2020 and not 1999. The gameplay is buttery smooth and if you have already played the Resident Evil 2 remake your muscle memory should jump right in and take control without ever missing a beat.

This is so true that at times during the game you will feel like you are playing a DLC and not a completely different game. The re-use of assets from Resident Evil 2 will also make you feel this.

When you add a limited five-hour playtime that sense that you just paid Sixty Dollars for a DLC really starts to bark loudly at you.

Nemesis is constantly Lurking in Resident Evil 3

To be fair, that is the only gripe I have with the Resident Evil 3 remake. I absolutely love everything else about it.

The game was able to make this jaded old gamer jump in places and that is no short task. One of the things that I use to differentiate a good game versus a bad game is how quickly I am drawn into it and how fast time seems to melt away while I play it. Resident Evil 3 had me looking at disbelief at my clock as it took me deep into surviving Raccoon City instantly and made me want to invest a disproportionate amount of time there.

Like Resident Evil 2, you will spend your time jumping between two protagonists: Jill Valentine, a member of S.T.A.R.S, and Carlos, a member of the Umbrella Corps, who realizes that he might be working on the wrong side of the outbreak. He assists Jill in trying to stop NEMESIS, the genetically engineered super Weapon of the Umbrella Corp.

You have to slug, shoot, and dodge (dodging in this game is the absolute key to survival. You will find yourself without ammo on a consistent basis if you do not master this skill!) your way out of Raccoon City. While doing so you will be constantly talked to by the above-mentioned NEMESIS, who serves as the game’s antagonist and absolute bullet sponge. Be prepared to be incredibly frustrated in any attempt to avoid him.

Final Thoughts
Resident Evil 3 is a great game period. It looks amazing and plays amazing and will absolutely draw you in, the only shortcoming is that you are not allowed to stay for too long.

The game does come bundled with a new asymmetrical multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Resistance which is much like previous asymmetrical horror games I have reviewed like Friday the 13th and my person favorite Dead By Daylight. The multiplayer is beautifully executed but suffers from its own success. Essentially, too many people want to play as the antagonists, so if you are hoping to run around terrorizing people as Nemesis, expect a long frustrating wait…at least for the near future.

If the $60 price point seems a bit steep for you, due to the fact that you only get about five to six hours of gameplay, I recommend that you put this game on all of your wishlists until a sale comes by that wets your appetite for Raccoon City extreme survival. Trust me, it is an awesome, if brief, experience.

Disclaimer: A copy of Resident Evil 3 Remake was made available by Capcom

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