Lockdown Recipes List - Indian Vegetarian Recipes For Lockdown

Lockdown Recipes List - Indian Vegetarian Recipes For Lockdown

In this post, I have shared a list of lockdown recipes for Indian vegetarian breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks that uses minimal ingredients, vegetables, oil and ghee at home. I have also made a downloadable PDF for easy access. When I shared the collection of upma varieties, some of my readers asked me to post a collection of easy Indian breakfast'/ dinner and lunch recipes using non perishable foods, uses minimum or no vegetables and rice during this lockdown period / home quarantine period.

Not only that, many people working from home find it really difficult to manage kitchen, household works, kids and office work together without house maids.  For those people, I have shared some easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes which can be prepared instantly with less chopping works, minimum vegetables and dry ingredients.

Most of the recipes I shared here are with dry ingredients like pulses, legumes, flours like wheat flour, ragi flour, rice flour, Poha/ pressed rice, sago, rava which can be stored for long time. I have given recipes with basic vegetables like potato, tomato, onion for side dishes.

Lunch recipes given in this list are one pot rice recipes that can be prepared quickly under few minutes in a pressure cooker, few kuzhambu varieties without any vegetables or with a single vegetable like potato, cabbage, cauliflower etc. Most of these recipes can be stored in refrigerator and use it for few days. Infact, they taste more better day by day. Just reheat and serve. You can alter the recipes based on the ingredients in hand.i.e by using chilli powder instead of chillies, using frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones, by using tomato puree instead of chopped tomatoes, desicated coconut etc. Finally I have also shared few snacks and sweets recipes which needs less oil and ghee by getting ideas from my friend Shalini and my sister Radha.

During this pandemic situation, I am trying to include foods that are rich in Vitamin c, anti fungal, anti viral Indian spices to improve and boost immunity. So I am taking pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger, onion, turmeric in the form of rasam, thogayal, pachadi, podi varieties, chutney varieties, turmeric milk, garlic milk. I have added all these recipes in the list. I also consume fruits like mosambi, orange, gooseberry, muskmelon, apple and watermelon in my regular diet to keep up the immunity levels. I will add more recipes using gooseberry in my upcoming post and include them in this list.

I hope this list of lockdown recipes would be helpful to you to decide on what to cook during this home quarantine period. I know I am late in sharing list but its better late than never ūüėä.¬† Ok friends, lets check out the list of Indian recipes that can be prepared during this lockdown period with the available ingredients in our pantry/ kitchen. Lets hope and pray God to overcome this pandemic situation and fight Corona !!


I have shared some easy idli, dosa batter recipes which requires no or less idli rice. Some people may have a stock of ration shop rice. So I have included ration rice idli dosa batter and raw rice idli batter too. I have also given instant dosa varieties, one pot upma varieties, sandwich, paratha, pasta & noodles recipes that can be prepared instantly. Check it out below. 

Instant Idli recipes Instant rava / sooji idli Plain rava / sooji idli Instant poha idli Instant quinoa idli Instant bread idli Instant oats wheat rava idli Idli dosa batter recipes  Idli dosa batter in mixie  Karnataka style idli rava idli Idli dosa batter using ration rice Idli dosa batter using red rice / Kerala rice Raw rice idli batter Brown rice idli batter Ragi idli dosa batter Oats barley idli Black urad dal idli dosa Kanchipuram idli with raw rice Idli rava idli Check out my 15+ idli varieties collection for more ideas !
Instant dosa varieties Dosa batter using rice flour¬† (Needs fermentation) Instant rava dosa Instant wheat flour dosa Instant ragi dosa Instant oats dosa Instant dosa using leftover rice Instant millet flour dosa/ sathumaavu dosa Neer dosa recipe Instant besan flour dosa / besan cheela Rice dosa (without urad dal) Kabuli chana dosa Green gram dosa without rice Appam dosa with yeast Appam with idli batter Sponge dosa without urad dal Tomato dosa with raw rice Soft dosa using raw rice Puffed rice dosa with raw rice Cheesy uthappam for kids Instant rava roti Adai / Lentil dosa Rava kara adai Vegetable uthappam¬† MILLET & OATS RECIPES Foxtail millet idli / thinai idli Pearl millet idli/ Bajra/ Kambu idli Kodo millet idli / Varagu idli Quinoa idli Ragi idli Millet flour porridge (sweet and spicy version) Soft Ragi roti ( sweet and spicy version) Ragi puttu (sweet and spicy version) Kambu puttu ( sweet version) Ragi vermicelli ( sweet and spicy version) Ragi porridge ( sweet and spicy version) Ragi poori Buckwheat flour poori Varagu pongal Homemade millet energy mix/ sathumaavu Little millet biryani / Saamai biryani Oats uthappam Oats pongal Oats paniyaram Oats kozhukattai SANDWICH / TOAST / PASTA/ SPAGHETTI RECIPES Easy veg sandwich Finger sandwich Grilled cheese sandwich Potato sandwich Iyengar bakery style sandwich Mayonnaise sandwich Bread masala sandwich Avocado sandwich Street food style pav sandwich Paneer sandwich / cottage cheese sandwich Easy chocolate sandwich for kids Bread pizza on tawa , microwave version Cheese garlic bread without oven Eggless wheat flour pancake Fruit and yogurt parfait Veg quesadilla Veg Tacos with baked beans Garlic spaghetti Tomato spaghetti White sauce pasta Veg burger¬† Indian style masala pasta Macaroni upma PARATHA RECIPES Super soft chapathi recipe Cauliflower / Gobi paratha Aloo paratha Aloo paratha ‚Äď Punjabi style Mixed vegetable paratha Palak paratha Avocado paratha Paneer paratha Tofu paratha Malaysian paratha Ajwain paratha Easy mooli paratha / radish paratha Kerala parotta Kothu parotta Masala dahi raitha for side dish Tomato garlic chutney for side dish
POORI VARIETIES Puffy poori recipe Please check this link for 10 poori varieties for more poori ideas.


I have made a separate post for 40 upma varieties which includes rava, semiya, bread, millets, rice, pasta etc. Please check this link or click the image above.

OTHER BREAKFAST RECIPES Ven pongal in pressure cooker Ven pongal version 2 Ven pongal mix Millet pongal Rava Pongal Oats Pongal Idiyappam Lemon Idiyappam Dal idiyappam Rice Porridge Oats porridge Rice vegetable porridge
SIDE DISH RECIPES ‚Äď Chutney, Sambar, Kurma, Gravies
In this section, I have shared side dish recipes for idli, dosa, chapathi, poori and other tiffin varieties. I have shared all the coconut , tomato, onion , garlic and ginger based side dishes assuming you might be getting any or all these vegetables in your place. Please choose the dishes according to the ingredients in your hand and try them.
Chutney varieties 15 Coconut chutney varieties 20 Tomato chutney varieties Tomato chutney without onion, garlic, coconut Onion chutney without tomato, coconut Onion garlic chutney without tomato, coconut Peanut chutney without onion, garlic Pottukadalai / roasted chana dal chutney without coconut Carrot chutney without coconut Curry leaves chutney without coconut Kadamba chutney Check out my 65 chutney recipes collection for more options.

Idli Sambar varieties
Instant idli sambar without toor dal Instant tiffin sambar with pottukadalai Tomato sambar without toor dal, coconut Tomato sambar with coconut Tomato sambar with coconut ‚Äď version 2 Tomato sambar without dal for dosa Green tomato sambar / thakkali kai sambar Tomato brinjal sambar Hotel idli sambar Moong dal sambar for idli Udupi sambar without onion garlic Besan sambar Bombay chutney Kumabakonam kadappa Check out my 30 Idli sambar varieties for more ideas !

Kurma Varieties / Gravies for roti
Dal tadka Restaurant style dal fry Potato kurma Potato masala for poori  Aloo bhaji  Dum aloo  Aloo palak gravy Dahi aloo Aloo peas masala Chana kurma Green gram kurma Chana masala in pressure cooker Chole for bhatura Instant kurma without vegetables Frozen green peas kurma Tomato kurma Brinjal kurma Cabbage kurma Capsicum kurma Tomato capsicum masala Cauliflower kurma Plain salna for parotta, dosa Salem tomato kurma Rajma gravy for rice Paneer recipes collection Check out my kurma varieties collection for more ideas !

RICE VARIETIES IN PRESSURE COOKER Tomato pulao Beetroot pulao Sweet corn pulao Cabbage peas pulao Mushroom peas pulao Methi pulao Tindora pulao / Kovakkai sadam Tawa pulao Sprouts pulao Bengali mishti pulao / Sweet pulao Kashmiri pulao Gobi/ cauliflower biryani Palak pulao Chana biryani Rajma biryani Plain brinji rice Ghee rice with brinjal gravy Mushroom biryani Mixed pulses biryani Paneer biryani Spinach biryani Chettinad potato biryani Coriander leaves biryani Karnataka style veg pulao Restaurant style veg pulao Veg fried rice in rice cooker Tomato rice in pressure cooker Tomato rice in rice cooker Bisibelebath Bachelors style Sambar rice in pressure cooker Hotel style sambar rice  Lemon rice Coconut rice Tamarind rice Andhra tamarind rice Peanut rice Curd rice KUZHAMBU VAREITIES WITHOUT VEGETABLES Paruppu kuzhambu Tomato kuzhambu without dal Manathakkali vathal kuzhambu Sundakkai vatha kuzhambu Vendhaya kuzhambu / masala kuzhambu Hotel style kara kuzhambu Iyengar milagu kuzhambu Poondu kuzhambu / Garlic kuzhambu Inji kuzhambu / Ginger kuzhambu Thattapayaru kuzhambu Mochai kuzhambu Kara kuzhambu ( skip brinjal) Instant more kuzhambu without coconut More kuzhambu with onion Kondakadalai kuzhambu Chettinad Paruppu urundai kuzhambu Iyengar paruppu urundai kuzhambu Pakoda kuzhambu Soya chunks kuzhambu  Arachuvitta Sambar without toor dal Cauliflower kuzhambu Mushroom kuzhambu Appalam kuzhambu  Check out my 75 Kuzhambu recipes for more ideas !
RASAM VARIETIES Tamilnadu style basic rasam Tomato rasam without dal Garlic rasam Pepper rasam Paruppu rasam Veppam poo rasam Karnataka style dal rasam Orange juice rasam PORIYAL / CURRY RECIPES Easy potato curry Potato curry without onion garlic Potato curry Sweet potato curry Potato poriyal Baby potato fry Arbi curry Arbi roast Elephant yam poriyal Double beans poriyal Mushroom poriyal Mushroom pepper fry PACHADI / THOGAYAL / PODI RECIPES FOR RICE Gooseberry pachadi Ginger pachadi Puli inji Garlic thogayal Coriander seeds spice powder Milagu jeeraga podi (Pepper cumin spice powder for rice) Sesame seeds podi for rice Sesame seeds podi for idli  Sundakkai vathal podi for rice Pepper podi for idli Idli milagai podi with garlic Ginger legiyam for digestion Check out my 15+ thogayal varieties for more interesting and healthy ideas !
BEVERAGES / DRINKS (DO NOT ADD ICE CUBES ) Turmeric milk Masala chai Ginger cardamom tea Ginger tea Sukku malli coffee ABC juice Watermelon juice Musk melon juice Aam ka panna Pineapple juice Ganga jamuna juice Orange mocktail Banana stem juice Sharjah shake Rose milk Badam milk Mint lemon juice SNACKS RECIPES WITH LESS OIL Microwave cornflakes mixture/ chivda Kellogs cornflakes mixture with less oil Idli fry (low cal version) Ammini kozhukattai Kara Pidi kozhukattai Neer urundai Kanda poha Aloo poha without onion Kara pori with garlic Beach style kara pori Roasted Phool makhana Masala peanuts in microwave Sundal varieties (Green gram , white / brown chana, frozen peas, sweet corn, Rajma) Boiled peanut chaat ( You can use boiled sweet corn instead of peanuts) Butter cup corn Eggless French toast Microwave dhokla Vegetable Spring roll in air fryer French fries (Baked version details shared) Fryums chaat Chocolate toast Chocolate quesadilla  Veg cutlet Aloo patties ( shallow fry in oil) Potato nuggets (Shallow fry in oil) Bread rava toast without curd Bread besan toast Easy garlic bread Easy bread pizza Potato bread roll (shallow fry in oil) Gujarati Dabeli Mumbai pav sandwich Bhel puri Check out this link for MURUKKU RECIPES.

Check out this link for VADA RECIPES

Check out this link for BAJJI BONDA RECIPES.

Check out this link to see all my snacks recipes collection !

Sweet ammini kozhukattai Sweet pidi kozhukattai Chettinad paal kozhukattai Easy paal kozhukattai Puran poli with wheat flour Sweet appam with wheat flour Instant ghee appam Peanut ladoo with jaggery Peanut ladoo with skin  Rava ladoo Moong dal ladoo Dates and nuts ladoo Besan ladoo Wheat flour ladoo Roasted gram dal / Pottukadalai ladoo Poha ladoo / Aval ladoo Coconut ladoo without condensed milk Millets ladoo Paneer ladoo Cashew badam burfi Almond burfi / Badam burfi Cashew burfi / Kaju katli Coconut burfi Milk powder burfi Coconut khoya burfi Dates and nuts roll Maida milk powder burfi Gud papdi Bread pudding Bread rasmalai Bread kaja (shallow fry bread pieces) Gulab jamun with readymade mix ( Exceptional sweet for celebrations  : :) Dry jamun recipe If you are looking for more sweets recipes, please check this link !!

Friends, do check out the above list. Choose the recipes based on the ingredients in your hands and try them. If you find this list useful, do share with your friends and family members. Do leave a comment in the comment box below. It will make me happyūüėä Stay safe and take care !!
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