love when a plan comes together

love when a plan comes together

Was so excited about how well the GF pizza crust yesterday came out; how nicely the dough rose, decided to try making english style muffins today.  again, unmeasured sourdough starter, unmeasured GF flour with flax, warm water to give me the loose pancake dough starter. gave the sponge about 7 hours  Then added (accidently) unmeasured brown rice flour instead of the Bob’s Red mill general flour, some salt, some honey, and more warm water to form a loose runny pancake thick dough

Cast iron pan, scattered some coarse corn meal

spooned in dough

let rise, about 3 hours

baked at 400F for 30 minutes, then flipped out into a cast iron skillet for another 10

The muffins, which had risen almost to the top of the wells in the pan, sunk down substantially.  Nice nooks and crannies!  not enough salt, and the all purpose flour I usually use would have made them taste better, but all together? not bad!!

Next time, need to not measure a little more, and make sure I use the right all purpose GF flour and add more salt.  But it is repeatable.  May not be bread, but it is useful food that can be used as a sandwich, burger bun, or just as toast.

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