Make great artwork with the best acrylic paint you can buy

Acrylic paints are the perfect option to make anything into a masterpiece. There are tons of options to choose from, but only a few of them are truly worth buying. Whether you need a whole kit or just the paints, here are the best ones you can pick up right now.

Nice and smooth

ARTEZA Acrylic Paint

Staff Pick

This 24 pack is a high-quality option with vibrant colors that are filled with vivid pigments. This product comes in a sturdy box, which will keep your paints safe when they're stored away. Plus, this company has a 100% money-back guarantee, in case you're ever unhappy with the paints for whatever reason.

$24 at Amazon

The most paint you can get

Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint

This is the largest selection of paints, which is excellent for anyone who is looking to have a lot of paint options. These are 22ML tubes as well, so they will last you quite a bit of time. This company also offers a guarantee where if you aren't happy with the paints, it will refund your order without you having to send the paints back.

$40 at Amazon

Perfect for the whole family

Crafts 4 All 12 Count Acrylic Paint

The Crafts 4 All paints are non-toxic and guaranteed to paint on just about any canvas. It also includes three paintbrushes with the purchase so you won't need to buy extras. Plus, these paints are highly pigmented and meant to blend together to make the perfect color and tone.

From $11 at Amazon

A great value

Crafts 4 All 24 Count Acrylic Paint

This product is similar to the one above it, but it has more options when it comes to colors. These highly pigmented colors will perfectly blend together to give you what you're looking for on your masterpiece. Not to mention, this is a rather small price point for what you get out of these paints.

$17 at Amazon

Start off on the right foot

Benicci Acyrlic Paint Set

If you have a little artist in your family or you're just getting into painting, this set is perfect for you. With 24 different acrylic paints, 12 high-quality paintbrushes, a mixing knife, and an art sponge, you'll be ready to paint anything that comes to your mind.

$23 at Amazon

Quality Color

Zenacolor Acrylic Paint

These acrylic paints from Zenacolor come in a vast range of colors, all with different tones. You can mix these non-toxic paints easily to truly get the color you need for your artwork. There is also a 30-day warranty in case you don't like the results from these paints.

From $20 at Amazon

The world is your canvas

There is no limit to what you can create with these paints, especially the ARTEZA acrylic paint. With a high viscosity, these paints spread smoothly and evenly with each stroke. They're also labeled so you can see the transparency level and the pigment number. This lets you match paints up to ensure you get precisely what you want out of them.

The Crafts 4 All 24 count acrylic paint is an excellent option for any painter who might be on a tight budget. You get 24 vibrant colors at a slim price without losing any of the quality. If you end up having any issues, this company has a customer satisfaction guarantee so that it will replace your set for you.

If you have a little painter in your home who would love a set, the Benicci acrylic paint set is precisely what they need. Along with the 24 colors, there is also a set of 12 painting brushes, a mixing knife, and an art sponge. This set will surely get them started off on the right foot and get them painting like Van Gogh.