Meal Plans 9

Meal Plans 9

A public holiday while everyone is working from home is more confusing than my brain can handle, so I totally missed that it was a Sunday yesterday and didn’t have this post ready to share. But I’m here now!

I want to know what you’ve been making in your own kitchens so is you make any of my recipes please let me know by tagging @thehealthyhunter on Instagram (even if it’s just in your story!) or send me a pic.

This weeks meal plans are based around using freezer and pantry basics with a few fresh things thrown in too.


Vegan chocolate chip waffles because why not? These are fluffy and delightful.

I will also be having sourdough most days because my boyfriend makes GREAT bread.


I’m super into falafel at the moment and this pea falafel recipe can be made from frozen peas! You could make them vegan by using a few tablespoons of Aquafaba instead of the egg.

This quick and easy vegetarian chilli is vegan, gluten free and can be made with mostly pantry ingredients and long life veggies like celery, leek, carrot and onion. You could even used diced frozen vegetables.


It’s time for soup. Pumpkin, Parmesan and Thyme soup to be precise!

Mushroom, Thyme and Cabbage Pasta bake is a fab way to use up leftover cabbage.

This Autumn Chicken Tagine is the perfect low effort slow cooked dish, you can use any root vegetable or squash variety.

Bacon and Broad Bean Fried Rice, I use frozen broad beans in this but you could use peas instead.


This skillet sponge pudding is a fun alternative to a crumble, and can uses thyme in case you got some for some of the other recipe ideas this week.

HH. x
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