Metal scrubbers to keep your cast iron skillet in pristine condition

Tools to keep your cast iron clean. (Hans Vivek via Unsplash/)
A cast iron skillet can really do it all. It works on a gas range or electric cooktop, and can sear, fry, or even bake—a cast iron can go right into the oven. Unlike other pots and pans, this kitchen essential also makes food taste better over time, because it gets seasoned as you continue to cook on it. You may have heard they can’t be cleaned with soap—but don’t be intimidated. Maintaining your cast iron is as easy as using a special scrubber.

We’ve chosen some of the best ones for you cast iron skillet.

For easy cleanup after a delicious meal. (Amazon/)
The best kind of cast iron scrubber also happens to look like it could be part of a medieval suit of armor. And Knapp is one of the most trusted names, thanks to their chain mails made of food service grade stainless steel. To use it, just run warm water onto your cast iron, and scrub—no soap needed. It’s tough enough to scrub off the meltiest of cheeses from late night quesadillas, or crusted-on flour from baking.

Runner up, budget pick. (Amazon /)
Amagabeli’s stainless steel chainmail is an excellent choice for scouring surfaces. This chainmail is rust-proof, and smooth enough it won’t damage any of the surfaces it can be used for. And it can be used for quite a few. In addition to cast iron pans, these scrubbers will also work for dutch ovens, woks, stainless steel cookware, baking pans, waffle irons, and stainless steel camp cookware. Its light weight and it doesn’t hold water, making it perfect for easy cleanup during camping trips.

Two materials. (Amazon/)
For something with a little more grip, Kitchen-pro’s chainmail comes wrapped around a silicone insert. This design is great for those accustomed to using a sponge, and it’s still tough enough to clean even the toughest of surfaces—like the grill after a cookout, or the cast iron after a fish dry. The insert is removable, for cleaning, and a keyring loop makes this chainmail sponge easy to hang, to keep it from sliding off of the sink’s edge and into the garbage disposal (we’ve all been there).

Better looking than the average chainmail. (Amazon/)
Full Circle makes one of the best looking scrub brushes that is able to clean a cast iron pan—complete with heat resistant, BPA-free nylon bristles, and a comfortable grip. Like any good cast iron cleaner, this scrub brush will get rid of the tough residue without ruining the painstaking seasoning that makes the cast iron so great for cooking.