Plain Jane!

Plain Jane!

Hey everyone! I hope youre doing amazing! One more day until 2020 & I am so excited for what the year has to bring! Before we enter the year I wanted to share one of my favourite flavours of cupcakes! So here we have some more scrumptious cuppies!

This is the known as the Plain Jane selection from company! You can shop different treats & flavours by heading over to our Instagram page : @amor_minicakes

With fresh whipped Chantilly Cream & fresh strawberries, raspberries & blueberries, (I told you guys I love fruit) these cupcakes are to die for!

They have a light, spongy vanilla cake & my inspiration really came from classic features you would get from our amazing Victoria Sponge cakes!

If you guys would like the recipe comment & let me know!

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