Reddit Launches a TikTok-Style Video Feed on iOS

Reddit Launches a TikTok-Style Video Feed on iOS

Reddit has launched an update for its iOS app, which will display a video feed when prompted by the user. Because nobody has introduced that feature to their apps or websites, have they?

Reddit Introduces Video Feeds to iOS App

Popular social aggregation website, Reddit, has been quietly rolling out an update for the iOS version of its app. Breaking literally no new ground, the update introduces a feature allowing users to view a video reel on any subreddit they're browsing.

As confirmed in a TechCrunch article, the website's owners have stated that they're rolling out these updates to users of the iOS version of the Reddit mobile app. If you fire up the app now, you should see the video feed button next to the search bar at the top. If you don't then you might need to update the app, or wait until the feature reaches your territory.

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How Do You Access the Reddit App's Video Feeds?

It is pretty simple, providing your app is up to date and has the new video feeds feature installed (be aware, it is possible that not all users have the update, yet).

You just need to open the app up and head to one of your favorite subreddits. Once you get there, if your app has received the update, you should notice a video feed icon right next to the search bar. Clicking this will start the video feed, which you can swipe through just like you would on TikTok.

Once you've watched a video, you can upvote, or downvote, as you see fit. The video will also contain a link to the Reddit post and to the Redditor who posted it, so you can check out the comments or find the Redditor's other content.

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What Is Reddit's Video Feed For?

The purpose of the feed is pretty simple; it allows you to view video content quickly and easily. You don't have to scroll through a subreddit to find videos—instead, you can hit the video feed button and have the app deliver the content straight to you. Given that Reddit is a notorious time-sponge (to the point where this writer had to ban himself from it), this could actually be a good move if you want to just get a dose of video content while you walk down the corridor in work. Similarly, if you're mainly browsing Reddit for video content, this will be a real boon for you. As long as you own an iPhone, of course.

Will You Use Reddit's Video Feed?

While it might seem like a flash in the pan, or a knee-jerk reaction to literally everyone else adding TikTok-style video feeds to their apps and websites, this could actually be a decent feature for Reddit's iOS app. Hopefully it'll roll out on Android too, then we can all enjoy it.


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