Spice it Up This Christmas with GRADZ!

Spice it Up This Christmas with GRADZ!

With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner I was recently contacted and asked would I like to try the GRADZ Bakery line of Christmas Goodies. I said yes of course. I had the opportunity to try their line of wonderful breads earlier this year so I fully expected that I would enjoy these just as much.
The line consists of a Limited Edition of Stollen Twist and a Gingerbread, both of which will be available from 2 weeks before Christmas, at £6 each via Ocado, the online grocery shop or  select Deli's across the UK. 
 GRADZ Gingerbread is the essential taste of Christmas, consisting of a light, spiced sponge which has been filled with a sharp, fresh tasting layer of blended berries and fruit in the centre. It is really delicious. It has a glossy, soft, dark chocolate fondant on top, along with some snowflake decorations. This cake is perfect partner to a hot drink, or to be enjoyed after dinner as a sweet treat.
One word for this.  DELICIOUS!  We both have really enjoyed this and I think you will too!
The other item is a Stollen Twist. The Stollen Twist is a traditional German sweet bread. It is light and generously filled with marzipan and dried fruit, citrus peel and just the right amount of cinnamon for a truly festive treat.
As you can see the cinnamon sugar coating is very generous!

I was slightly disappointed when I first cut into it.  The Marzipan filling, which is one of my favourite parts of stollen was somehow mis-placed along the outside of one edge of the stollen I received.
I had to cut well into the centre of it to find it inside the bread, and even then it was more placed to the side than the centre.
But it was very moist and delicious.  I could not fault it. Nor could I fault the flavour of the bread.It was filled with lovely bits of vine fruits and citrus peel and spice. The cinnamon sugar coating was perfect and quite generous.
It truly was delicious despite most of the marzipan in mine being on the outside rather than the centre.  Very much enjoyed with a hot cup of herbal tea, and I can imagine it would be nice with a glass of sherry if you were so inclined. 
GRADZ was set up in West London by Master Baker Romuald Damaz and his business partner Agnes Gabriel-Damaz who discovered a range of family recipes in the attic, hand written by her Great Grandfather. GRADZ Bakery has been hand crafting traditional breads and cakes with a modern taste since 2015.

A ‘natural mother dough’ created 15 years ago has been the source for the sourdough breads ensuring no starter mix is added. The name of the bakery comes from their names - Gabriel Romuald Agnes DamaZ.

Agnes Gabriel-Damaz says: “We are so excited to feature these festive treats in Ocado this year. They are made with the same love and care and traditional recipes as our breads and bring a real feeling of Christmas with their unique combination of spices, fruits and seeds. I am proud of how delicious they are!” GRADZ believes good food takes time to prepare and by hand-crafting their continental style bread they allow you to experience the smell and taste of warm bread fresh from the family oven.

They will be made available for purchase 2 weeks prior to Christmas. Many thanks to GRADZ for sending me some of their Christmas treats to try out early!

Note: although I was sent these baked goods free of charge to try out, I was not required to write a positive review in exchange.  Any and all opinions are my own.

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