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It’s Mom’s first Mother’s Day with the new baby! New moms are often overwhelmed and may not be sure what friends and family can do to help once the baby arrive

s. Instead of greeting the new baby with yet another onesie or swaddling blanket, give a mom something she really needs. We have tons of suggestions for you! Read on to find gifts that help save a new mom’s sanity and will surprise her with your thoughtfulness. photo: Meghan Bo Designs Celebrate Her New Status Becoming a new Mom is a huge shift in identity, so give her something that celebrates this new role. A necklace with her baby's initial, like these affordable necklaces from Meghan Bo Designs (above), are a great choice. This is an especially thoughtful gift for a new mom nervous about returning to work, since she can have a small reminder of her baby with her...

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Every new parent knows how sensitive the first few months of their newborn’s life are

Taking care of your baby’s uber-sensitive skin, especially, is quite important, as neglect can cause problems like rashes, eczema, and allergies. Pollution, chemical-laden products and synthetic materials in clothes can cause your baby’s skin to become dull and dry. However, making a few routine changes can make a world of difference to your little one’s skin! Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Soft and Moisturised, Naturally With a few changes in your baby’s skincare routine, you can say goodbye to the possibility of dry, itchy skin and other skin-related problems that can make your baby uncomfortable. Here are some handy tips to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturised. 1. Bathe your baby less frequently. Babies do not need to...

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How to Tame a Baby Fever & the Best Baby Thermometers

Getting baby fever and dreaming about having a child is a lot more fun than watching your baby come down with a fever. Read on for all the facts on how to recognize and treat a baby or toddler’s fever, plus the baby thermometers you’ll want in your medicine cabinet. photo: iStock Why do babies get a fever? Babies can come down with a fever from an illness, infection and certain vaccinations. What constitutes a fever for babies, and when should I call the doctor? According to the Mayo Clinic, here’s when to be concerned and call your doctor: • Babies under 3 months: rectal temperature of 100.4F or higher. • Babies between 3 and 6 months: rectal temperature up...

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