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Coolest 20 Strainer With Handle | Home & Kitchen Feature

s   1. ddLUCK ddLUCK 2 Pack Kitchen Foldable Silicone Strainer Colanders, Collapsible Colanders with Handles, Space-Saver Folding Strainer Colander for Draining Pasta, Vegetable (Green and Red) ddLUCK - Best colander set for your kitchen works for draining most foods like spaghetti pasta potatoes broccoli green beans carrots spinach and other veggies User these strainers to rinse your salad leafs fruits and fresh vegetables Safe for use bpa free this kitchen colanders set composed of environmentally friendly rubber base and handle and green silicone Heatresistant up to 302ºf can be immersed in boiling water we guarantee no harm to human health safe for your food and your family Ergonomic design collapsible colanders composed of environmentally friendly rubber base and handle...

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My Experiment: Catching Yeast with Potato Water

This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for purchases made through those links at no additional cost to you. All views expressed are my own. Thanks for your support! ​     One of the things that I have noticed during this pandemic is that yeast has been in short supply on store shelves. Fortunately, I have plenty of yeast to see us through the next few months if bread should become harder to get in the stores. The question is, what if I were to run out of yeast, what would I do?  This pandemic is certainly making me rethink my state of preparedness.  One family member, (Anita), sent me a link about how to make yeast with...

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