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How to Clean Wallpaper Correctly and Safely

Wallpaper can look beautiful, but as anyone who has it knows, it can quickly go from glorious to grubby, especially if you have kids who prefer flinging their food around to eating it. While a painted wall is relatively easy to clean and “touch up”, a wallpapered wall can be more of a challenge. But that’s not to say it’s impossible. With a few tips and tricks, you can learn how to clean your wallpaper correctly and safely. Getting your kids to stop throwing that food, on the other hand, is something you might have to figure out on your own. As House Cleaning Central advises, the first step in cleaning your wallpaper involves figuring out the exact type it...

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The Differences Between Sanitizing and Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing are two distinctly different activities with different results. Eliminating potentially harmful germs is becoming vital for staying healthy. With so many incidences of cross-contamination from mishandling of raw meats and other contaminated foods on the rise, people are becoming more keenly aware of the need for cleanliness. It’s important to understand the difference between cleaning and sanitizing because simple cleaning is in most cases, not enough to protect humans from becoming sick from the transfer of pathogens. Here are the facts about sanitizing and cleaning including the differences between the two, and the circumstances when one is recommended over the other. The differences between cleaning and sanitizing Cleaning is the process of removing surface particles from a...

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