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My Experiment: Catching Yeast with Potato Water

This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for purchases made through those links at no additional cost to you. All views expressed are my own. Thanks for your support! ​     One of the things that I have noticed during this pandemic is that yeast has been in short supply on store shelves. Fortunately, I have plenty of yeast to see us through the next few months if bread should become harder to get in the stores. The question is, what if I were to run out of yeast, what would I do?  This pandemic is certainly making me rethink my state of preparedness.  One family member, (Anita), sent me a link about how to make yeast with...

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Watch A Bunch Of Scientists Freak Out Over A ‘Whale Fall’ On The Bottom Of The Ocean

“Do we have any bone-eating worms?” Scientists were delighted on Wednesday after they discovered the remnants of a dead whale miles beneath the surface of the ocean, teeming with hungry octopuses, fish, crabs and worms. The discovery was made by the Nautilus, a deep-sea research vessel that was finishing up its last dive of the season for a joint expedition between the nonprofit Ocean Exploration Trust and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Viewers on Wednesday could hear researchers burst out in surprise during a live feed of the dive as the vessel came upon the partially eaten skeleton. “Dinner is served,” one researcher said, before another chimed in: “Oh, this is so cool.” The decomposing carcass was between 13...

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