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This mandarin upside-down cake with vanilla and cardamom will bring joy and coziness to these gloomy fall day

s. It’s super simple to make! I just love the season of mandarins! They take me back to my childhood when we spent afternoons with my family eating them and having a good time. They come at the perfect time when the autumn is getting moodier and cooler. So we get to hang out together, talking and playing games over healthy snacks, and also add have some extra vitamins. I feel like this is even more important this year than any other. An extra dose of vitamins is super important. I hope you’re doing well! Please take care of yourself and the people around you. One way to do that is also by baking this delicious mandarin upside-down cake. This...

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How to Protect Clothes from Moisture

If you’ve had run-ins with mildew or damp clothes, you’re definitely not alone. While unwanted moisture can seem unavoidable in your wardrobe and garments, there are few ways you can protect your clothing from developing pesky mold. If you’re looking for a short-term solution, try using a cleaning product designed to repel or absorb moisture, like charcoal or silica gel. If your clothes have already succumbed to mold or mildew, there’s no need to panic—with a few household cleaners, you can sanitize and restore your garments in no time! [Edit]Steps [Edit]Trying Quick Fixes Spritz your clothes with a water repellent spray. Search in a home improvement or department store for a water repellent spray product. While commonly used by campers...

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