Tamal Ray’s recipe for one-tin brown butter, almond and berry traybake | The sweet spot

What’s big enough to share, flat enough to survive an earthquake, saves on the washing-up and delicious? This easy almond and berry traybake

One of the hazards of being a former Bake Off contestant is that I’m often asked to bake for work. But what to make? Definitely nothing with layers – I learned that lesson the hard way after a disastrous drive with a Victoria sponge sloshing around in the passenger seat every time I turned a corner. Inspired by Edd Kimber’s fantastic book, One Tin Bakes, I decided to make a traybake: big enough to share, flat enough to survive the journey on the bus, and easy enough to whip up the night before my next shift. So for all those who’ve already tried it and asked for the recipe: here you are!
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