Tamal Rays alternative Christmas pudding recipe | Tamal Ray

A luxuriant, festive dessert with layers of sponge, praline, stewed cherry and hazelnut cream, all covered in a rich ganache and spun sugar

Yotam Ottolenghis alternative Christmas main course

Ive always enjoyed Christmas pudding piping hot and swimming in cold cream. However, I can appreciate that after a month of mince pies, many of you have had enough of spiced raisins. This is an alternative for those of you seeking new inspiration: a delicate hazelnut mousse within a layer of port-soaked cherries, chocolate sponge, rich ganache and twinkling strands of spun sugar.

With several different components to make, this isnt the quickest of recipes, but it will be a favourite, especially for those who normally disappear at the mention of Christmas pudding.

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