The Chili Garlic Sauce Our Readers Cant Stop Talking About

The Chili Garlic Sauce Our Readers Cant Stop Talking About

You can secure the right cookbooks, find the very best recipe and arm yourself with the best kitchen gadgetry around but if you dont have the right ingredients, that dog just wont hunt. Just ask the Chowhound faithful who take to themessage boards to discuss their favorite pantry ingredients.

Maybe you thought your pantry was fully stocked but you might want to think again. From lemongrass stir-in paste to coffee flour and thiscult-favoritechili sauce, these are the top 25 most-discussed pantry items on Chowhound.

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Tahitian Vanilla Beans, $29.99 on Amazon


Vanilla consistently proves to be one of my personal favorite flavors in sweet applications, and it seems to be the case for our readers as well. These fancy Tahitian beans come whole (dried) and vacuum-sealed for freshness.Buy Now

Spanish Squid Ink, $12.99 on Amazon


For a fast hit of umami and mysterious black hue, squid ink is a really fun ingredient to have lingering around your pantry, especially duringHalloween. But its definitely not something youll want to harvest yourself. Luckily, this Spanish squid ink can add depth of flavor to a sauce, risotto or soup, is reasonably priced, and has a long shelf life.Buy Now

Sir Kensington Organic Mayonaisse, $7.79 on Amazon


If you didnt think mayo could get any better, check out this organic spread from the fancy condiment kids, Sir Kensingtons. This mayo is made with 100 percent USDA certified organic sunflower oil, free-range eggs, organic lemon juice, and a pinch of black pepper.Buy Now

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Chili Garlic Sauce, $2.19 at Target


Californias Huy Fong Foods might be most famous for Sriracha, but for my money, the chili garlic sauce is where its at, and it seems readers agree with the sentiment. A teaspoon of this doesnt just add heatalthough there is plentybut also a healthy punch of sweet garlic, too.Buy Now

Runamok Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, $18.95 on Amazon


Bourbon and maple are two O.G. American-made products that take time to produce but are very much worth the wait. They also happen to be awfully complementary to one another,as inthis 100 percent pure organic Vermont maple is aged in bourbon barrels, adding a touch of whiskey spice. Drop a splash in your coffee or a more traditional pancake breakfast and thank us later.Buy Now

Star Dust Dipping Powder, $4.95 at Rancho Gordo

My Panier

While this might sound like something Hunter S. Thompson might have sprinkled under his tonguein the sixties, itsactually a medium heat chili lime seasoning that would make anychicken breastor skirt steak pop. You can only get it on this online retailer which carries a slew of interesting small food brands.Buy Now

Montavo Red Wine Vinegar, $18.98 on Amazon


Aged in wooden casks this Red Wine vinegar from Italy makes for deep and delicious sauces, salad dressings,marinades, and more. A low-calorie way to addlots of zesty,flavor to food.Buy Now

Sahadi Whole Couscous, $2.50 on Sahadis


This quality whole-wheat couscous is made from durum semolina and cooks up to a perfect al dente to host your favorite Mediterranean flavors or on its own as a hearty side dish.Buy Now

Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter, $9.78 on Instacart


Cultured butter is a European style made form fresh cream but with added live bacterial cultures which eventually results in a deeper, richer, nuttier butter that you can use for cooking but is especially good just spread onto a slice of good sourdough.Buy Now

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Paella or Bomba Rice, $10 on Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Weve written plenty aboutpaellabefore, and one of the key elements to a good oneif you askmost Spanish chefs worth his or her weight in chorizois the rice. Bomba rice istherice to use as it both holds plenty of delicious and flavorful broth like a sponge but is also able to caramelize, creating that oh-so-tasty soccorat on the bottom of the pan.Buy Now

Lousiana Crawfish Boil Seasoning, $9.98 on Amazon


It may not be prime crawfish boil season but that doesnt mean you shouldnt keep some shrimp crawfish and crab boil seasoning on hand for whenever the moment strikes.Buy Now

California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $9.39 at Target


A little birdy told me that Italianolive oilimported from Greece and Italy is not as well-regulated as California. This could explain why our readers are into this California blended EVOO which you can snag for less than $10 for 17 ounces at Target.Buy Now

Rind Superfood Snacks (pack of 3), $19.39 on Amazon


Now, this may not be a pantry ingredient in the truest sense of the word but youll be glad to have a few bags of these around for quick snacks with exactly no bad stuff added. Just dried fruit rinds and skins (where a lot of the nutrients are), and adds a nice sweet pop to summer salads.Buy Now

Lemongrass Stir-In Paste, $4.67 on Amazon


Are you a lemongrass addict? Dont worry this is a safe space. Its one of my favorite flavors and having a little stir-in paste blended with oils and lemon juice is the easiest, breeziest way to add this delicate flavor to soups, stir-fries, or sandwiches.Buy Now

Alabama White BBQ Sauce, $9.95 on Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Boring old tomato BBQ sauce is so last year. This peppery Alabama spin on the classic Southern condiment has been making a splash. Read more about Alabama white sauce here or snag a bottle from Sur La Table below.Buy Now

Hempe Hemp Tofu (7-pack), $70 on Amazon


I still remember being coercedinto eatingtofuas a child bymy moms vegan friend so it does come as a bit of a shock to know there is a tofu substitute. So meta, you guys. Hemp tofu strikes similar tofu chords with regard to texture and taste to the original stuff but is completely safe for a soy-free diet.Buy Now

Organic Chicken Stock, $6.99 on Thrive Market

Thrive Market

When thestockis the base of yoursoup, sauce or a key player in your risotto or another dish, make sure its a good one like this organic chicken stock sold exclusively Thrive Market.Buy Now

Liquid Egg Whites, $6.49 on Instacart


If youre on a high protein, low-fat diet egg whites are one of the better foods to incorporate as much as possible for easy breakfast and mid-day snacks. These organic valley egg whites are pasteurized and ready tohit the pan. (No cracking required).Buy Now

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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, $8 on Amazon


The uses are endless for ACV and include salad dressings, marinades, sauces and more. This time of year, consider makingfire ciderto ward off colds and keep your immune system chugging. This stuff is a superfood and its no wonder theres interest in it year after year.Buy Now

Miso Salmon Grilling Rub, $1.95 at World Market

World Market

Where my umami-heads at? This miso rub gets right down to business perfect for fish of all sorts, but especially a rich oily salmon filet and fresh lemon to cut it all. Perfection.Buy Now

Coffee Flour, $8.95 on Amazon


Coffeeflour is made from the oft-discarded fruit of the coffee plant that surrounds the bean and can be used in bread, muffins cookies and added to smoothies or a roasted citrus flavor.Buy Now

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Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, $19.98 on Amazon


Vanilla extract is one of those things its just wise to spend a little extra money on. The good stuff can make a dish great while the cheap stuff just falls flat. Nielsen-Massey is the decidedly good stuff and, in addition to theirclassic vanilla, have this Madagascar Bourbon extract to play with.Buy Now

Maldon Sea Salt, $5.49 on Amazon


A full flavor salt harvested from the coastal town of Maldon, England this is a perfect finishing salt for just about anything, really. Its rich richness melts into food in a way other salts dont and youd be wise to have a box on hand at all times.Buy Now

Pomi Chopped Italian Tomatoes, $3.69 at Target


Nothing worse than getting all set up to knock out your famous Sunday marinara and realizing you dont have crushed tomatoes. Pomi shelf-stable boxed and bottled tomatoes are a favorite to have on hand in those moments and youd be wise to stock up while youre thinking of it.Buy Now

Ortiz Anchovy Fillets, $14.79 on Amazon


Anchovies make for an easy weeknight meal chopped and tossed with pasta garlic, and good olive or on top of the flatbread with shaved parmesan. A good jar ofOrtiz Anchovies or Anchoas in oil will be your new go-to pantry favorite.Buy Now

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