The state of being clean is very important in our life

When it comes to cleaning your body, there’s no better alternative than taking a bath. It cleans our body, gives a good feel, and makes us look fresh and fine.

Bathing removes bad odor, dirt and also helps to reduce the spreading of diseases and keeps us healthy. Bath salts are used in the shower for proper cleaning of your body, increasing the pleasure of bathing and giving you an enjoyable experience while bathing.

Bath Salts | What Do They Do?

Bath salts are used in the shower because of the following benefits:

Moisturization of Your Skin

The presence of minerals within the bath salts works in promoting more fresh, bright skin from the inside out. They remove impurities from your skin and balance the moisture level of the skin.

Reduction of Stress

You can spend some time putting yourself soaked in a warm bath with the proper concentration of bath salts which will help in increasing the overall circulation of the body.

It also helps to relax our internal organs. Besides reducing stress, bath salts help in soothing our muscular functions and help in your physical and spiritual stimulation.

Helps in Good Sleep

Salt baths play a vital role in maintaining better sleeping patterns. The presence of magnesium in bath salts helps our bodies in absorbing the minerals through skin.

Several Healing Properties

These salts help in removing toxins from your bloodstream by their detoxification features. They also assist in regulating your blood sugar level, enhancing cardiovascular health, and also boosting your circulatory system.

Aids in Pain Removing

The bath salts help in treating several health concerns including rheumatic arthritis. The presence of magnesium in these salts help in relieving muscle spasms and also the menstrual cramps.

Epsom Salt Bath vs Table Salt Bath

It is not wise at all to use table salts for bathing because it can cause many problems to your skin including infection, Anaphylaxis, hives, and rash. The main cause behind this is its state of being iodized. Also, the addition of other harsh chemicals and iodine makes table salts impractical for use in the shower.

On the contrary, the benefits of Epsom salt are huge and it is a healthier choice for using in the shower. The presence of magnesium sulfate in Epsom gas helps to fight arthritis, reduce swelling, removes chronic fatigue, detoxify the body properly, and provides relief from itching.

How to Use Bath Salts in the Shower

The application of bath salts to the shower is a vital task to be accomplished if you want to make your bathing healthier. Following are the steps to be followed for using bath salts in your shower:

The Spattering of Your Bath Salt

Firstly, a sprinkling of the bath salt should be done to the base of your shower. The diffusion of aroma from the oils in bath salt will allow you to inhale the beautiful odor and benefits provided by the oils.

These oils in the salts will help you in easing the muscular tensions and also in decongesting the respiratory system.

Using the Salt After Mixing With the Oil

You will need to combine 3 tablespoons of bath salt with 1 tablespoon of oil according to your choice. Then the mixture needs to be scrubbed on your skin. While doing this, you need to notice the dry patches on your skin and scrub them properly with care. This will help to get a glowing, fresh skin.

Using Bath Salts as Remedial

At first, you take some bath salt, and then apply it to your wet skin. Wait till it gets absorbed onto your skin and your skin reaps the nourishing benefits from the salts. 

Rinse it off after 15 minutes. This helps in releasing muscle tension and soreness. The anti-inflammatory properties of this salt help in taking pressure off the joints and release strains.

Using the Bath Salts in Your Soap

Sprinkle some bath salts over your wet bathing soap and let it dry. Then use the soap for bathing and it will then detoxify your body properly and fight multiple health issues like itching and infections.

It also gives you more benefits than using an ordinary bathing soap. You can also use a shower sponge with the soap to get a refreshing feeling.

Cleansing Bath Salts

There are several types of cleansing bath salts. Some of them are described below:

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is one of the purest forms of salts that are used for bathing. It contains many essential elements and minerals which are found in your body. It contains mostly calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

It enhances muscular functions, nervous system, provides the strength of bones, and helps your body in storing and using oxygen.  

Sea salt

Sea salt can be used as a healthy option to be used for bathing if the salt is unrefined. Unrefined salt contains mineral electrolytes. The electrolytes present in sea salt help in improving the impulses of your nerves and eases muscular pain.

Epsom Salts

The presence of magnesium in them makes Epsom salts a healthy option to use for bathing. It fights and eases various health problems such as swelling, itching, chronic fatigue, and also arthritis.

What Is a Bath Soak?

A bath soak is a mixture of water and the bath salts with your preferred oil. You go and put yourself soaked in a tub filled with the mixture and the odor of it along with the nourishing effects will indulge you in relaxation.

A bath soak will help you bath in a pleasurable way and at the same time will ensure proper detoxification of your body.


Q: Do you put bath salts in before or after?

Ans: you need to put the bath salts before bathing. Because they are the elements to be used for cleaning the body and receiving the health benefits. they need to be mixed with water and soaked in the shower for bathing.

Q: Can you use bath salts as a scrub?

Ans: Yes, you can use bath salts as a scrub. You need to mix 2 tablespoons of your preferred oil with bath salt and use it as a natural scrub to get a glowing and fresh-looking skin.

Q: How do you use Himalayan salt in the shower?

Ans: Fill up your tub with warm water. Then add 3 handfuls of Himalayan salt to it and mix it well within the water. That is how you can use Himalayan salt in a shower.


Bathing is your regular medium of achieving cleanliness keeping you fresh. And who doesn’t want to be healthy and clean? When it comes to bath salts, they clean our body properly, give you a relaxing bath, and also help fight several health issues.

The importance of bath salts, therefore, cannot be denied. But before using them in your shower, knowledge on what kind of salts to use in the shower and what not to use is a must. 

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