There are numerous chores around the house that we all disdain, many of which revolve around cleaning the bathroom

There are numerous chores around the house that we all disdain, many of which revolve around cleaning the bathroom

One big focal point of bathroom cleaning is the bathtub. Keeping clean bathtubs is about more than just a sanitary space. It is also critical to ensuring it stays well maintained over the years of use.

If you have an outdated bathtub you plan to replace, begin with a perusal of our premium bathtub options. At Kingston Brass, we offer bathtubs for every taste and budget. Once you install a new one, it is key to keep the tub clean. Check out the following easy ways you can ensure your bathtub is cleaned well regularly.
Soak and Let Sit
One of the best ways to easily clean your bathtub on a deep level is to let a cleaning solution sit and soak on the surface. This can help lift out any deeply embedded grime. While the cleaning solution will help remove surface stains, it is still important that the area is scrubbed clean.
Utilize Proper Cleaning Supplies
Any job is made easier if you have the right tools on hand. Consider investing in the following items to make cleaning your bathtub less of a chore.
A quality pair of cleaning gloves A sponge that is dedicated for tub cleaning A rag for polishing faucet fixtures A kneeling mat to keep your knees comfortable during the cleaning process A bucket for warm soapy water A towel to wipe down the bathtub at the end of the cleaning process
Using the right supplies can help speed up the job and will ensure your bathtub is left in immaculate condition.
Rinse Efficiently
Finally, consider installing a shower faucet with a handheld shower in your bathtub. This will make it infinitely easier to rinse down your bathtub at the end of the cleaning process. Rather than attempting to splash a far corner of your bathtub with water, a handheld shower will allow you to quickly rinse down every corner of your tub.

Keeping your bathtub clean is key to ensuring it remains beautiful and pristine for years to come. Employ the above cleaning tips to help make this chore easier and more efficient. Don’t forget to shop our array of quality bathtubs if your old tub is looking grimy and is beyond simple cleaning.

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