These days many small children seem to be semi-permanently attached to smartphones and other hi-tech devices

These days many small children seem to be semi-permanently attached to smartphones and other hi-tech devices

So how do you ensure regular bonding with your baby and make sure they receive enough manual and sensory stimulation? The answer is by going back in time….

A baby needs various forms of stimulation in order to thrive and develop their mental capacity. But it’s easier said than done, right? Not if you look at these three old-fashioned ideas!
1. Splash out 
For a triple whammy, your little one gets to play with and experience the wonders of water while you bond, cuddle and hold them – all while your baby is getting their bath!

Fill the bath with lukewarm water and throw in a clean sponge, plastic cup, wooden spoon, a funnel of sorts, a plastic toy, a ball, a facecloth and anything else that is safe for babies and that floats. First prize is to get into the bath with them and make sure they receive a gentle wash during playtime with something like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Head To Toe Wash.
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If it’s inconvenient for you to hop into the tub, remember that a baby should never be left unsupervised in or near water.
2. Building blocks for the brain
Back in the day there was a limited selection of toys for young children, but the one surefire hit was a set of building blocks! You can buy a set at a very reasonable price when next you visit a store, or better yet, ask a woodworking friend or family member to cut you some squares when next he dusts off the woodwork tools. You can also could decorate them with nontoxic paints. Now see who can build the tallest tower!
3. They’ll be like putty in your hands
Buy – or better yet make – a batch of playdough using one of the many easy-to-follow recipes online. Now show your child a few pictures of simple shapes. Age-dependent, these could range from various sizes of balls, sausage shapes, squares or more complex forms such as a dog, doll or daisy.

After each of these play sessions remember to keep your baby feeling loved and comfortable by making sure their skin remains silky soft and properly moisturised.

Now, roll on that full-on old-fashioned fun!

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