This dish dispenser and brush set is more sustainable than a traditional sponge and just as effective

This dish dispenser and brush set is more sustainable than a traditional sponge and just as effective

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  • I never particularly enjoy doing the dishes, but the chore is at least more efficient and less wasteful with Grove Collaborative's Bubble Up Soap Brush ($14.95).
  • Compared to a regular kitchen sponge, which must be replaced often due to bacteria buildup, the soap brush is the more sustainable cleaning option. Its stiff bristles also make it the better choice for tackling tough food stains.
  • The two-part brush is easy to set up and use, so the switch from a regular sponge should be seamless.

While some people love doing the dishes and consider it a meditative practice, a lot of usreallydon't.

So, if there's a tool or appliance out there be it an efficient dishwasher, super-effective soap, or well-designed dish rack that makes the chore less of a chore, chances are I'm game to try it.

A few months ago, I made the switch from a standard kitchen sponge toGrove Collaborative's Bubble Up soap brush, and I've been loving it.Made from bamboo, recycled plastic, and ceramic, the soap brush set ($14.95) is a more hygienic, attractive, and sustainable alternative to a classic sponge.

Though it might not be the most immediately exciting thing to shop for, it's proven to be a handy tool in the kitchen that could change the way you wash your dishes. Here's how the soap brush works and why you should consider replacing your kitchen sponge with it.

How to use the brush

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There are three parts to the brush set: the brush, the dish, and the spring-loaded base, which sits in the dish.

To get started, add your favorite liquid soap and a little water to the base. Then, pump the brush inside the dish a few times. Because of the spring-loaded design, this action will create the foam needed to clean your dirty dishes. You can refill the soap and water yourself, whenever necessary.

Soap brush vs. sponge why you'll like a brush better

Soap brushes best sponges in multiple ways:

  • They're tougher on food debris. Grove Collaborative's has stiff bristles, which more effectively clean off baked-on food and other stubborn food stains than a soft sponge.
  • They're more hygienic. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. Brushes dry faster, and since there's a handle to hold onto, you don't come into direct contact with the bacteria.
  • They're less wasteful. Since you don't need to throw it out as often as a sponge, you're saving money and materials. Researchers have recommended replacing your kitchen sponge as often as every week, and while sponges are cheap, the costs still add up. Eventually, soap brushes also need to be replaced, but at a less frequent cycle than sponges.
  • They look better on your sink top.At least, this particular one from Grove Collaborative does. There are other options like OXO's popular soap dispensing brush on the market, but they're made entirely from unattractive plastic (which also break more easily). The Grove Collaborative soap brush, with its bamboo handle and smooth ceramic dish, might be the best-looking accessory in your sink.

Some other benefits of the soap brush are that it's comfortable to hold and safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including non-stick and enameled cast iron.

The bottom line

Small switches can have a big impact, and the Grove Collaborative Bubble Up Soap Brush is proof. Even though its upfront cost is higher than that of a regular kitchen sponge, the other payoffs less waste, better aesthetic design, and tough cleaning ability make the trade-off well worth it.

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