This is part 2 in a 3 part series of blogs focusing on organizing and sending out Christmas card

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We begin where we let off with a step-by-step instructions for mailing your holiday cards.

Holiday Card Tips


Finish the draft of your newsletter. Consider having someone edit it and make sure all family members are involved. Don’t let the burden fall to one person. Once you are happy with your newsletter, print when completed. Make sure you look at your list so you know how many copies you need. Please use both sides of the paper if you have a long newsletter. With one piece of a paper you should be okay and not have to add more than one stamp.


Gather your cards, photos, newsletters, anything you will be sending. Place an assembly line if you’ll have multiple people working on different parts. Get the family involved to get it done more quickly. You can work as a family during TV breaks and spend quality time together. If you have a doctor’s appointment that’s a great time to do your cards as well. Your appointment probably won’t be on time, so instead of getting angry, get productive! Do 20 to 30 at a time to not overwhelm.


If you have the option, I always think that it is nice to add a handwritten note if you send out a letter or if you have the option to write on your card. Many times you can’t write on photo cards, but on other cards you can. It’s a nice touch that I believe many people appreciate during the holidays. Or you could simply have each family member sign the card.

Christmas Card Tips

Put return address labels on envelopes. Or, if you are handwriting, write on the envelope.


Address envelopes or label. Remember, when you batch steps like this, you’ll get them done more quickly. Make sure your handwriting is neat. The last thing you want is a card returned because they couldn’t read your writing!


Fold newsletter inside card if you will be including them.


Finally, affix a stamp and deal. Consider using a sponge and have a cup of water so you don’t have to taste the yucky envelope seal. You also don’t want a Seinfeld moment like George’s fiancé Susan had!

More Card Tips

Make this manageable and each day work on a set. I always carry with me in my work bag so if I have some free time I can get them done.


When you are finished take to the post office or put in your mailbox! Pat yourself on the back for completing this task!


We continue our blog from last week on how to get organized when sending out your cards.

How will you organize your cards? What holiday card tips will you use? What did you find most helpful? What’s your favorite tip to share when doing your holiday or Christmas cards?

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