This is What 2020 Has in Store For You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

This is What 2020 Has in Store For You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The promise of a new year gives us the sense of a sparkling clean slate. Yes, its true, new beginnings make us giddy (maybe thats why its so hard to stick to all those well-intended plans?) This calendar flip, the stars are here to help you streamline your New Years optimism into resolutions sure to stick. Jupiter, the planet of fortune, hope, and abundance has just entered the resourceful sign of Capricorn, where it will reside for the vast majority of 2020. This means that this lucky planet is lighting up a whole new part of your chart and of your life. Astrologer Catherine Urban is here to illuminate how Jupiter will help you out in 2020.

Aries: Get the Dream Job

Jupiter joins up with Saturn in your career sector where youve been working your tushie off for the last couple of years. Ideally, your efforts are already paying off, but Jupiter will give you a boost. Now, with this added dose of luck, your efforts could pay off ten-fold. But dont wait for luck alone to work its magicyou still need to show up everyday. Jupiter is here to help you identify whats needed to turn your career into your dream job. Youre not one to wait around, Aries, so let 2020 be your year to boldly actualize your goals. Get the raise, take the lead on a big project or apply for a position at a new company all together (make that resume shine). This is your year to go above and beyond and get noticed for it! Also turn heads by carrying this chic leather tote from Baggu.

Taurus: Own Your Expertise

Youre not one to brag before your stripes have been earned, cautious bull, but this is the year when you can say youve earned em. Maybe youve been studying hard for that sommelier exam, youve decided to go back to school, or maybe youve been making your own perfume on the side for the past decade. Now is the time to own your hard earned wisdom. Youre quick to downplay yourself or let someone else snag the soapbox, but this year, we want to hear you chiming in. Loudly. Just admit it, youre really that good. Jupiter is here to help you continue to expand your knowledge and reach some of those educational milestones but also, the stars recommend travel. What better way to become more worldly than to experience the world for yourself!? Travel in style this year with Arlo Skyes collaboration with Dusen Dusen.

Gemini: Trust

Youre not one to take everything super seriously in life (we can always count on you for some comic relief). In the past couple of years, you may have taken some brave leaps in the grown up department, but this year, you can finally feel confident in your ability to buckle down. 2020 brings some worthwhile matters to prove how youve maturedbuying a house with your partner, achieving the freedom of finally paying off your student loans, or hey, even just taking yourself seriously for once. Before you get nervous and tempted to flee the scene, remember that all of these big new adventures can still be fun, like decorating that new house. Yes, whimsical Gemini, contracts and commitments may be intimidating at first, but all you need to do is take a deep breath and trust that 2020 is your year to level up. One awesome thing you can commit to? The couch of your dreams.

Cancer: Quality Time

The memes ring true: that the real miracle of Jesus was having 12 close friends in his 30s. Also true, theres only so much time in the week. Over the last couple of years, youve been prioritizing new opportunities entering your life, forcing you to say adios to other life staples. Call it a natural pruning process, but certain once-important relationships have indeed ran their course. No, its not easy, sentimental Cancer, but this is your year to carve out more intentional time in your relationships. You generally attract relationships that are stable, long lasting and with definite purpose, but as you know, it always takes two. This year, your resolution is to stick to the plans you make with your friends, keep phones out of the bedroom, and arrange more intentional social time. Aim to connect with at least two friends per week. Make memories with this wine kit-the perfect companion for picnics.

Leo: Create Your Ideal Schedule

Your commitment to self-improvement is quite impressive, Leo. Youve carved out the time to get in better shape, ritually prep meals, do yogic breathingor maybe youve been logging overtime at the office to ensure that eventual promotion. Good on you! But is it possible that youve been burning the candle at both ends? If so, Jupiter is here to help you find freedom in your schedule by reorganizing it. What small thing can you get rid of or integrate to improve your everyday life? Maybe its committing to that weekly spin class as if it were an important meetingor having your groceries delivered. On the other hand, if you havent been doing the work, this is the year youll need to play catch up. You like color (and organization) so get a color-coded planner like wall version from Poketo and aim to see rainbows across your week to ensure your work-life balance works for you!.

Virgo: Do Something You Love Every Day

You take your passions seriously. In fact, its not uncommon for crafty Virgos to take their hobbies and talents to the professional level. The danger a creative person faces is that art also becomes work, which can kinda take the fun out of it. And thats not the point of doing what you love. This year, Jupiter invites you to reconnect with your ability to play. Make it your goal to ignite your heart everydaytake a daily recess, hand out more compliments, consciously cultivate more romance, or treat yourself (more often) to those mini ice cream cones you adore. Just be sure to do something pleasurable for yourself every day. Not sure where to begin? Start simple. Sometimes free time is all you need. Start with a hunk of green tourmaline for heart chakra activation and emerald oil for the body just the thing to help you connect with your center and feel luxurious at the same time.

Libra: Root Down

As a natural curator, you might be happy to hear that Jupiter is bringing joy to your home life this year. Yes, artistic Libra, this is your year to root down and cultivate your home to suit your taste. This is the year to prioritize renovations or furniture updates over travel plans (were here for you) and maybe family dinners over TV dinners. Your home is more than a place to put thingsits your foundation, and an honest reflection of your inner private world (which is why we often dream about houses). This is your year to deeply nourish this very valuable extension of yourself. Flowers are always a nice addition to a clean house, but even better? Friends and family. Youre a fabulous host, so enjoy being in your element this year by hosting your loved ones on the regular. Set the mood with these eye-catching vases from There There Collective.

Scorpio: Read More Books

Mysterious Scorpios understand the power of personal containment. True, you typically arent quick to tweet your thoughts out on Twitter as they arise in your head, but you are learning to speak up. In the past couple of years, you may have found that you can benefit when you open upboth casually and intimatelythough sometimes its difficult for you to find the words to describe what you truly feel. Turns out, reading books is more mentally rewarding than scrolling away on Twitter anyway, and it expands your vocabulary. If you write for a living, youll find that the words will flow much easier if you are in the habit of reading. This year, make it your goal to read more books. And if you really want to get out of your comfort zone (which you might), join a book club. We dare you. Make sure you have a very enticing reading chair like this modern velvet armchair.

Sagittarius: Know Your Worth

Dear Sag, we envy your breezy, carefree approach to life. This year, though, you may be ready to buckle down a bit. Time and money management will become a worthwhile focus for you in 2020. You hate feeling limited in any way, so make sure that your strategies support your eventual long-term freedom. Jupiter brings blessings to your money house, which means that if youve been doing the work, new sources of income will soon arrive, or your income is due to increase. Youll be tempted to spend more too, so watch out. Your reputation for procrastination is well-founded, so this year, only say yes to what you know you can (and want to) commit to. You and your energy are valuable. And this piggy bank is the perfect reminder.

Capricorn: Be Open

Lucky you, industrious Cap! Jupiter, planet of luck and prosperity spends the entire year in your sign, broadening your outlook and eagerness for new adventure. Chances are, youre someone who doesnt wait for the world to give you what you want; instead, youve got a strategy rolling to manifest those goals. But this is a year of both possibility and significant new beginnings, so be open to being in the right place at the right time, or getting a good feeling and taking a chance. Yes, practical Capricorn, Jupiter makes the horizon a little sunnier, and offers hope for whats ahead. You never know what kinds of possibilities youll be presented with this year, so try to temper your doubt and be curious about whats to come. Remind yourself to be open by sprawling out on this mohair blanket from Hay.

Aquarius: Give Back

Humanitarian Aquarius, you have your own unique ways in which you contribute to the world. Maybe youre an especially loyal friend, or you have sworn off single-use plastic. But this year, you could benefit from expanding upon your usual charitable acts. Why? Founder of 365give, Jacqueline Way, suggests that giving selflessly to others and to the planet every day will make us happy. Thats right, every day. It might seem like a tall order, measured Aquarius, but its going to feel good (and help you get out of your head) to offer a small gesture of kindness daily. Pick up litter for 5 minutes, cook extra food and deliver dinner to a friend in need, write a letter, feed the birds, leave a generous tip. We know that youre someone who adheres to their morals, but this year, take your contribution up a notch and become more joyous. Support Fair Trade with the always-sustainable Everybody.Worlds Trash Collection, made from 100% recycled cotton.

Pisces: Plug In

This last year has been good to you, dear Pisces. Youve been making huge professional strides, earned recognition for your efforts, and maybe new career opportunities have sailed your way (hopefully youve been taking advantage!). However, time has been flying by faster than youd like, so 2020 is your year to slow down, integrate and rediscover your ability to plug in. Jupiter brings blessings to your sector of friendship and belonging, so join a community organization, a Thursday night shuffleboard league, or scan the paper for local events you and your friends can hop on board with (yes to wine and sponge-painting). Your social life could use some love now, Pisces, so find your school of fish and feel at home in the world. Avoid excuses to stay in with this color blocked raincoat so you can go out in style, rain or shine.

Catherine Urban is an astrologer, cosmic consultant and author of the all new Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign, available wherever books are sold!

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