Top 5 Germiest Spots in the Kitchen

Top 5 Germiest Spots in the Kitchen


With spring nearly upon us, that also means the season of allergies and flu’s are almost here too. So, to keep you and your family as healthy and happy as possible in the new season, make sure everything is kept clean and sanitary. Where to start? The kitchen, of course. Because it is the most used and populated room in the home, which makes it one of the dirtiest. And while many clean it to the best of their abilities, many tend to forget the germiest spots in the room. But, never fear because Kingston has you covered. Read on to see where the germiest spots in the kitchen area and get your disinfectant wipes ready.


The Germiest of them all: Sinks

Did you know there are more germs in your sink than there are anywhere else in your kitchen? With raw meat and dirty dishes occupying the same spot in the kitchen, the sink tends to be a hotbed of bacteria. So make sure to get out your disinfectant cleaner and give it a good wipe down before and after every use.

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The Forgotten Sponges

Many tend to forget about the kitchen sponge because it’s usually doing the cleaning. But did you know that it needs the same type of cleaning that any other kitchen fixture gets? So, make sure to soak your sponge in disinfectant and put it in the microwave on high for a minute to really keep it clean.

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Tired Hand Towels

Just like the sponge, your hand towels need a good cleaning too. Hand towels are often forgotten because many do not pay it much mind when working in the kitchen, but they tend to be a magnet for bacteria. So make sure to soak them in a solution of bleach and water before giving them a good cleaning in the washing machine.

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Germiest of Germs: Cutting Boards

No matter what kind of cutting board you may have, all cutting boards harbor a lot of bacteria because they are where you tend to cut raw meat. Just washing them with soap and water will not do. You need to disinfect them with either a mix of water and white vinegar or lemon juice and salt.

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Stained Handles

The handles on your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators often hold a lot more bacteria than people tend to think. Between everyday germs on your hands to the germs from the food you may find in the kitchen, the handles in your kitchen can hold a lot of bacteria. So, give it a good wipe down with your choice of disinfectant.

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