Universal Yums, Tasting The World From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Universal Yums, Tasting The World From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Thank you Universal Yums for sending me this Yum Box in exchange for my review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I truly enjoy food, and one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world trying out food from other countries and cultures. You can usually find me watching videos at midnight, of food bloggers in different countries and living vicariously through their food journey! It seems like so much fun, but it's not really something that is in my budget at the moment! Something that is in my budget is Universal Yums.

So what is Universal Yums? Well, they are a monthly subscription box company, that allows you to signup for a box to be sent to you in the mail, filled with yummy treats from a different country every month. Either choose to pay monthly or yearly and you can cancel at any time with ease. You can also give it as a gift!

You can choose from Three different options for your monthly subscription:

The Yum Box-As low as $13.95 a month includes  * 6+ items in each box                                 *A 12 page booklet with trivia and games        *Free shipping in the USA

The Yum Yum Box-as low as $22.92 a month includes:                    *Every snack in the Yum box plus 6 additional snacks *A 16 page booklet with trivia and games *Bonus Content                 *Free shipping in the USA

The Super Yum Box - as low as $35.75 a month includes:                             *Every snack in the Yum Yum box plus 8 additional snacks *A 20 page booklet with trivia and games *Bonus content                   *Free shipping in the USA

I was excited to discover that my box was from France and I couldn't wait to try all the goodies! My Yum box contained 6 snacks, 3 savory chips, 3 sweet treats and a yum bag that included a few extra goodies!

 Here's what was in my Yum Box:

Sibell Tube a Grignoter Fromage: These are cheese flavored tube snacks, that honestly remind me a lot of  Bugles. They are swiss cheese flavored crisps, that are light, airy, and very crunchy. It's weird because they almost melted in my mouth, but yet still had a crunch to them. I really enjoyed them, and could see myself eating these often.

Sibell Chips Saveur Vinaigre: I feel like I don't even need to translate this one, because you guessed it, they're vinegar chips! now, I do really enjoy salt and vinegar chips, but they don't always like me, so I was excited but very cautious to try these chips! I do have to say that upon first sniff of the bag, my mouth began to pucker as you would expect from smelling vinegar, but once I tried a chip, I was pleasantly surprised. While they are definitely vinegar chips, the taste was very light and not overpowering. I could safely say that I would be able to eat several of them without it bothering my mouth. They were very enjoyable, I could have easily eaten the whole bag.

Bret's Au Fromage du Jure: I was very intrigued by these chips from the get-go. The Floral cheese flavored potato chips were so fragrant, as soon as I opened the bag I could smell them! These chips are a thicker,  rippled chip made with Comte' cheese. I had never heard of Comte' cheese before, so upon further reading in the booklet, I found out that it is a sweet, floral cow's milk cheese. Each cow gets two acres to roam and munch and are fed a completely natural diet. You can actually taste the freshness of the cheese in these chips. Again, the flavor is very mild, but so good. I actually ate this bag of chips in one day because they were so good! These crunchy chips would taste amazing dipped in sour cream!

Raspberry Mini Roll: This raspberry mini roll is a delicate sponge cake, with raspberry jam rolled up into a yummy treat. It honestly reminds me of something that would have been on one of those British baking shows! On first bite, you can taste the distinct raspberry filling, not too sweet, but packed with flavor. This small roll was just enough of a treat to be satisfying, but it definitely left me wanting more!

Truffles Bar by Mathez: Four mini truffules, that are actually ganache balls rolled in cocoa powder are a delectable delight! They melt in your mouth and are so chocolaty and rich, full of flavor. I wanted to eat all of them in one setting, but I reigned in the cravings monster and only had one, and saved some for my hubby. Once he tried them, he understood why I wanted to shove them all in my mouth at once, they are just that good. Don't though, try to savor these. The truffles would go so well with a nice glass of red wine, and would be great as a treat for date night!

Le Sables de La Me're Poulard: Okay, so these butter biscuits were by far my absolute favorite. These savory, sweet, crunchy, thin shortbread cookies, were so stinking good! I ate one on it's own, and quickly realized that I needed a fresh cup of coffee to dip these cookies in. They are melt in your mouth buttery, but not too sweet. I made the mistake of leaving them on my table as I brewed a fresh cup of coffee, and when I came back to enjoy the rest, my dog had run off with the box! He didn't get very far, and didn't manage to get a cookie thank goodness, I might have cried if he had eaten my cookies. I really wanted these to last, but my self control went out the window and I ate the whole box! I don't care, they were delicious and I enjoyed every bite!

The final item that comes in the box is a Yum Bag which contains a few additional treats for you to enjoy. Mine included Tetes Brulees and Caramels con Fleur de Sel.

Tetes Brulees are sweet and sour candies that came in three different flavors, Cola, Tropical and Peach Tea. These things were so darn sour, but they were so darn good. I love sour candy and these did not disappoint! I tried the Cola, and it did taste like a soda at first, but when you bite into it, this sour cola juice oozes out from the center, punching you in the taste buds. I have yet to try the other two flavors, but I think I'm not going to tell my hubby they are sour and let him try one!

Caramels con Fleur de Sel - salted butter caramels. The caramels are the soft caramel and they are very chewy and yummy! I had to be very careful while eating these because I have a crown and I was not about to pull that thing out, but I love caramel and I really wanted to try them. They did stick to my teeth a bit, but most caramels do. What I really liked about these, was that fact that you could taste the salt and the butter individually, but the more you chewed, it combined into a delicious creamy flavor. They were so good, and I wished I had a whole box full so I could melt them down to make caramel apples!

Overall, I loved the Yum box! Getting to take a tour of a different country from the comfort and safety of my home, was incredibly fun and tasty! I can't say enough good things about Universal Yums! It was so much fun to try foods from France, and I think that this would be a great, affordable adventure for the whole family or date night! I give Universal Yums 2 thumbs up and can't wait to go on another snack adventure! Thank you Universal Yums, I loved this experience! 

Want It? Get It! Are you interested in trying out Universal Yums for yourself?
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