What Aesthetic You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Aesthetic You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every day spent on the internet, it's aesthetic-this, core-that. Though initially overwhelming, there's a ton of fun to be found in this unending sea of meticulously curated vibes. You don’t have to fit into one single aesthetic, but it’s fun to play around with a handful of specific styles, to find which one sparks the most joy. Some trending aesthetics focus on pure looks, while others depend on lifestyle choices. Employ your zodiac sign to guide you to your most fitting aesthetic below!

Aries: Minimalism

red chair in the middle of a green field and blue sky

Aries is no stranger to the chaotic hustle and bustle of life, which is why they aim to take straightforward, clear routes to solve any problem that comes their way. This trait is reflected well in the minimalist aesthetic – Aries is able to identify and eliminate the unnecessary for a zen-like approach. Any path that complicates things for Aries is simply undesired. While this reigns true, Aries is sometimes known to be detrimentally impulsive in their everyday decisions, so leaning on the side of minimalism allows them to take a step back and clear their mind.

Taurus: Cottagecore

white outfit and open book pictured on a white sheet in the sunlight

Taurus fits perfectly into the cottagecore aesthetic because they never miss a chance to indulge in the earth’s natural beauty. Plus, their ruling takes place in peak springtime, right as flowers begin to bloom. Tauruses are widely known as the patient pleasure-seekers of the astrological universe. Their natural habitat? Lazily napping in a field of flowers under a lone willow tree, the occasional streak of sun landing warmly on their face. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which duly governs traits of love and beauty, just like cottagecore.

Gemini: Maximalism

broken disco ball spilling sprinkles on a pink sheet

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They’re most in their element when they’re at the club, sporadically bouncing between friend groups and meeting new people to geek out over their new favorite TV shows with. A Gemini’s mind is constantly racing, which makes juggling their multitude of artistic passions and relationships especially challenging. Chaos doesn’t have to be messy for this sign, though. Stability is achieved when Gemini finally finds what works best for them in their relationships and schedules. They truly have a lot going on at all times, which is why the maximalist aesthetic suits Gemini.

Cancer: Coastal Grandmother

Cancer embodies the coastal grandmother aesthetic with ease. Already tied to the ocean, the crab is all about comforting and protecting themselves and their loved ones. Cancer gives big maternal energy since their sign is primarily ruled by the moon. Find this tradition-loving homebody whipping up a home-cooked casserole to a smooth jazz track any evening during the week. They are born to take care of others, sharing nurturing instincts with the coastal grandmother.

Leo: Summercore

woman in purple bikini floating on a raft in a pool

Leos are fueled by the sun, making them a free-spirited, passionate sign. The summercore aesthetic seems like the only right fit for Leo, since they love some action and little bites of drama. Summertime lends itself to both of these things, so the loyal lion thrives in the heat of it all. Leo wants to be seen and praised for whatever endeavors they take on, whether it be a new job, or their trendiest outfit. Leo bathes in the lavishness of life whenever they can, so kickin’ it at the beach in a head-turning bikini puts them right at home.

Virgo: Scandi

Virgo is the friend that shows up to the party in a neutral outfit, and they’re likely known for their famed plant collection. This mutable Earth sign is practical, detail-oriented, and organized, making them the perfect candidate for the Scandinavian aesthetic. Scandi declares “clutter be gone,” a sentiment that Virgo can definitely appreciate, whether it applies to their physical space, or their overall mindset. The aesthetic embraces elements of the outdoors (plant lovers unite) and stands behind interior spaces that are functional, yet beautiful.

Libra: Cluttercore

While most assume Libra is all about around-the-clock balance, this cardinal sign frequently lets the scales tip. Libras are notoriously indecisive. This contradiction that’s weaved into their personalities makes Libra a mystery through and through. Deep down, Libra craves variety and amusement, so the cluttercore aesthetic is a great fit for them. This aesthetic is sure to never be boring – there's so much to admire. The art-loving Libra may feel most embraced by a busy room (wall art galore!), or an outfit that flaunts electrifying colors and patterns.

Scorpio: 2014 Tumblrcore

two girls sitting on pavement with knee socks and coffee

If you remember anything about 2014 Tumblr, you instantly recognize that it was a pretty dark place. Scorpio emerges from that same darkness, and tends to move through life with an ever-present sense of melancholy. They know what makes people tick down to their core, and they are always skeptically planning their next moves, even if they do feel safe. Scorpios are suitable for 2014 Tumblrcore because they’re complex webs of moodiness and constant analysis, both legendary qualities that the era instilled.

Sagittarius: Adventurecore

Sagittarius personifies what it means to be a lifelong learner. The archer sign has a strict appetite to know everything about everything. They seek to learn, whether it’s about their pal’s deepest secrets or the natural environment that surrounds them. This presiding trait makes Sagittarius the pioneers of adventurecore: exploring the unknown. This charming sign stands out among the rest for being highly optimistic and adaptable, which most thrill-seekers look for in an adventure buddy.

Capricorn: Dark Academia

The dark academia aesthetic welcomes all things scholarly, but with a gothic spin. Capricorn is abundantly ambitious and hardworking, so this sign falls flawlessly into the school-centered aesthetic. Capricorn has an endless hunger to achieve their long-term goals, and they’ll do anything to make them happen. They take pride in a heavy workload and structured schedule, but don't get it twisted – the goat loves a good party to let loose from time to time.

Aquarius: Spacecore

Aquarians are the revolutionary change-makers of the zodiac. They're explicitly curious and rebellious, aiming to help society at large and form a greater good for everyone. In their free time, you can catch an Aquarius advocating and canvassing for progressive social movements dear to their heart. This air sign is ruled by Uranus, which represents disruption and innovation. These qualities rightfully put Aquarius in the realm of spacecore, an aesthetic movement that bravely rids of earthly tradition while imagining the possibilities of what could be out there in the universe.

Pisces: Mermaidcore

mermaidcore instagram layout

Pisces are the fish of the zodiac, swimming shimmeringly through life with magic on their minds. This sign relishes in the fantastical elements of life to boost energy while regularly looking inward. Their introspective tendencies make Pisces out as elusive and mysterious. The whimsical powers that surround Pisces elect them into mermaidcore: an aesthetic that celebrates all aquatic beauty. This sign is an expert at adapting their behavior to their surroundings, soaking in things like a sponge.

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