7 Easy Herbs For Beginners To Grow

So you don’t think you have a green thumb and you have even been know to kill a fake house plant or two? Have you ever priced out buying dried herbs and your mouth fell open?

Have you ever tasted the difference between fresh and dried herbs and wondered where they’ve been all your life? Anyone can grow them easily and everyone should. Here are 7 herbs for beginners that are easy to grow and you may use everyday while cooking. 

Basil- Basil is very easy to grow. It can be grown in containers or directly in the ground. It prefers a rich, average moisture content and loves full sun.
If you want a bushier more full plant, pinch off the top leaves at about 6 inches in height. Keep in from flowering as long as possible to make it’s flavor and smell more intense.
Mint- Mint usually grows like a weed in most places and is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Decent soil and full to partial sun is best with occasional watering if it looks a bit wilted. Like basil, just nip off the top leaves if you want a bushier more full plant. 
Oregano– It grows nice and quick and prefers a more loamy/sandy soil so it doesn’t succumb to root-rot. It like full to partial sun so you can grow it almost anywhere you have that soil right. It’s one of those must have herbs that you’ll use all the time.
Sage- Sage requires the same well drained soil as oregano and like full sun. Pick off leaves and use frequently to promote new growth and a healthier plant.
We use sage much more than we used to once we discovered how great it makes soups taste. Nice earthy flavor without being overpowering. 
Parsley- This can be started inside a window box or directly in the ground. We start ours in small containers to give them a healthy start.
Parsley has a germination rate that isn’t the best so plant more seeds then you think you may need. It needs a rich, moist soiled that is fairly well drained and full to partial sun. Delicious in everything and of course a great garnish as well. 
Cilantro– Cilantro is a plant that grows quick but has a short lifespan as well. It likes full to partial sun, but doesn’t like high heat in summer. Decent quality, medium average moisture soil, well drained, and away you go.
We use it sparingly usually in salsa, guacamole, tacos and curry dishes. 
Chives- We use this in darn near everything. They are extremely hardy and come back year after year. They prefer full to partial sun and a well drained sandy/loamy soil. They can be cut back during the winter and grow back like nothing happened.
Chives also have beautiful flowers near the end of it’s  season and make your garden smell wonderful. They can pests away as well. I’d plant a field of them if I could. They’re one of my favorites.
There it is. Save a ton of money, make your garden smell wonderful, and be the envy of anyone whom may pay a visit. Nothing like cooking and walking out and cutting off fresh herbs for your recipes. 


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